SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
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All three SETI books, “SETI,” “SETI, The Journey,” and “SETI, Conception” have been combined into one convenient anthology volume, “The SETI Trilogy.” From the Science Fiction genre these novels explore space and space exploration in a story packed with action and adventure. These SETI stories unfold with the quest of a young adult starting at 16 years old through time and the final confrontations of Earth and an Alien Civilization. Hints of the theory of the mysterious elusive Nibiru planet and Planet X also weave into the SETI story. SETI (Book One)16-year old Ham Radio Operator Sam Alexander discovers the first radio transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization and starts an uncontrollable series of events. Competition to claim the discovery and steal recognition from Sam is intense. Through his wit and intelligence, Sam greets the aliens as they arrive on Planet Earth. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and alien contact from deep space begins with this, Book One, in “The SETI Trilogy.”SETI, The Journey (Book Two)The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence and alien contact from deep space continues several years after the initial discovery of the first alien radio transmission. Public apathy has set in and Sam Alexander’s celebrity has ended. Humanoids from Tau Ceti want young Sam Alexander to visit their planet. They send an emissary, make arrangements and Sam is transported 11.7 light years from Planet Earth to the Tau Ceti star system. He discovers a world strange, unfamiliar and threatening. Strange animals and even stranger and more threatening humanoid creatures seek to end this contact with Sam. The space adventure thriller continues with “SETI, The Journey,” Book Two in “The SETI Trilogy.”SETI, Conception (Book Three)The alien civilization from Tau Ceti prepares their invasion of Earth and their conduit for communication to Earth civilization is their first contact, Sam Alexander. Threats come from several powerful aliens on Tau Ceti and from frightened humans on Earth. Soon, the billions of humans on Planet Earth are confronted with their new neighbors from Tau Ceti. The mass Invasion of Planet Earth begins. Book Three in “The SETI Trilogy” moves fast in this conclusion to “The SETI Trilogy.”
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