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    3 Books
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    November 1995
  • Latest Book:
    March 1999
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  • Pursuing with a vengeance a new life along the untamed American frontier, teenager Gini Kincaid becomes a hated and respected figure throughout the Southwest as her sharp tongue and dealings with outlaws establish a legendary status. Original....

  • Follows the life of Chrysanthemum "Clutie Mae" Chestnut, who rises from life with her redneck family to travel across the country and abroad, befriend royalty, and establish herself as the "Duchess" of Dollar Creek. Original....

  • A WEDDING NIGHT SHE'LL NEVER FORGET Annie Pinkerton Boone Newcastle's wedding night is one she wouldn't soon forget. One moment she's arriving in the practically barbarian Arizona Territory for a prearranged marriage--the next she's a widow. The h...

Award-Winning Books by Ellen Recknor

Leaving Missouri
1998 SPUR Award -- Paperback Original
Prophet Annie
2000 SPUR Award -- Novel of the West

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ellen Recknor has published 3 books.

Ellen Recknor does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Prophet Annie, was published in March 1999.

The first book by Ellen Recknor, Me and the Boys, was published in November 1995.

No. Ellen Recknor does not write books in series.