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    January 1997
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    January 2017
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    Welcome to Tangerine. This place is weirder than it looks. Paul Fisher sees the world from behind glasses so thick he looks like a bug-eyed alien. But he's not so blind that he can't see there are some very unusual things about his family's new h...

  • George and Kate are promised the finest education when they transfer to the Whittaker Magnet School. It boasts the highest test scores in the nation. But at what price? Their school's curriculum is focused on beating standardized tests; classes are h...

  • Martin Conway comes from a family filled with heroes and disgraces. His grandfather was a statesman who worked at the US Embassy in London during WWII. His father is an alcoholic who left his family. His sister is an overachieving Ivy League graduate...

  • Twenty-two-year-old Karla is thrilled to be hired as an entertainer on the Sound of Music cruise ship--where the rum punch is 80 percent Kool-Aid, the ice sculp- tures are plastic, and her "fake it till you make it" M.O. seems adventuresome. Karla is...

  • BY 2035 THE RICH have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and kidnapping has become a major growth industry in the United States. The children of privilege live in secure, gated communities and are escorted to and from school by armed guards....

  • Memory Lane, America’s most popular new theme park, promises to provide its guests with “golden memories.” Choose any week -- from 1950 to the present -- and Memory Lane will recreate it for you in amazing detail: the foods, the clothes, the TV...

  • It's 2001 and zombies have taken over Tom's town. Meth zombies. The drug rips through Blackwater, PA, with a ferocity and a velocity that overwhelms everyone. It starts small, with petty thefts of cleaning supplies and Sudafed from the supermarket...

  • James Porter was a freshman in high school in 1967-1968. That was the year when his all-white soccer team got assaulted by the fans and players of all-black teams. It was the year when angry, disenfranchised blacks went out of their way to “bump”...

  • Candlemas Eve begins in 1880 in the north of England, in the smoke and fire of the Industrial Revolution. Jack and Celeste Potter find themselves orphaned in a world that is unforgiving to the poor and the friendless. As a result, they embark on sepa...

Award-Winning Books by Edward Bloor

1999 Nevada Young Readers' Award -- Young Adult
1999 South Carolina Childrens, Junior and Young Adult Book Award -- Junior Book
2000 Garden State Teen Book Award -- Fiction (Grades 6-8)
2000 Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award -- Grades 6-8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edward Bloor has published 9 books.

Edward Bloor does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Candlemas Eve, was published in January 2017.

The first book by Edward Bloor, Tangerine, was published in January 1997.

No. Edward Bloor does not write books in series.