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    10 Books
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    August 2000
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    June 2005
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Multi-Author Series List


Inherit the Witch (May-2004)
A Tale of Two Pipers (Jun-2004)
The Warren Witches (Jun-2005)
5 - Voodoo Moon (Aug-2000)
6 - Haunted by Desire (Oct-2000)
8 - The Legacy of Merlin (Apr-2001)
9 - Soul of the Bride (May-2001)
10 - Beware What You Wish (Aug-2001)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • If her soul is bound by an evil spell,Call back her spirit with a ringing bell.Salt in her left hand, gold in her rightWill cast out the dark and restore her soul's light. The Halliwells are on vacation. It's time to party in New Orleans. But on Prue...

  • White robes under the Druid moon, Midsummer's Eve is coming soon. Spells and chanting call the power To work dark witchcraft in the hour! Prue lands a summer trip to England to buy medieval books for a collector, so Phoebe and Piper tag along to the ...

  • In a land of lost, wandering souls, Journey with care on the River Styx. A prince of darkness plays his roles -- Protect the Charmed Ones from his tricks. Prue's editor at 415 magazine offers her a challenge: if she takes a really fantastic photo, he...

  • When wishes give dark powers life

    Stark disaster becomes rife.

    Danger, chaos, evil rise

    Before our unsuspecting eyes!

    While photopgraphing Stephen Tremaine, a wealthy businessman running for public office, Prue notices an ancient stone statue...

  • The sisters are looking to mentor a young wicca just coming into her powers. But soon the Charmed Ones discover that their prodigy is in fact a changeling. They need to find the real witch, and fast...but where?...

  • When an innocent wish creates two Pipers, it appears that problems might be solved - afterall two's always better than one, right? And two Pipers can do twice as much work! But when Piper's alter ego's impulsive side begins to wreak havoc, the sister...

  • Binding Ties

    The most important thing in the Charmed Ones' lives isn't magic, and it's not their jobs or their clothes. It's family. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are Warren witches -- the latest in a long line of women with in...

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    Phoebe receives a premonition shrouded in fog. After a little research the sisters dicover that an opaque vision is one not yet cast in stone, and so find themselves in a race against the clock to prevent the dangerous vision from coming true....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Constance M. Burge has published 10 books.

Constance M. Burge does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Warren Witches, was published in June 2005.

The first book by Constance M. Burge, Voodoo Moon, was published in August 2000.

No. Constance M. Burge does not write books in series.