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    12 Books (3 Series)
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    April 2013
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    January 2023
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Full Series List in Order

A Baylee Scott Paranormal Mystery

1 - Touch of Light (Aug-2017)

Daughters of Dark Root

1 - The Witches of Dark Root (Jun-2013)
2 - The Magick of Dark Root (May-2014)
2.5 - The Council of Dark Root: Armand (Feb-2015)
3 - The Curse of Dark Root: Part One (Jul-2015)
4 - The Curse of Dark Root: Part Two (May-2016)
5 - The Shadows of Dark Root (Aug-2017)

Woodland Creek

1 - The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon (Jan-2016)

Book List in Order: 12 titles

  • As the daughter of a fortune-telling mother and a scam artist father, Spring Ryan wants nothing more than to leave her carnival roots behind her, fall in love, and live the normal life she’s always dreamed of. But things aren’t working out exactl...

  • There are some secrets darker than witchcraft. - Dora Maddock Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest is a small village called Dark Root, a town steeped in magic, mystery, and secrets. But for Maggie Maddock, Dark Root is also a prison - a plac...

  • “There are rules that must be followed, Maggie.” “Even in witchcraft?” “Especially in witchcraft. What someone puts into the world comes back to them.” “You mean karma?” “Like karma, yes. But for a witch it comes back threefold. Nev...

  • Before Maggie Maddock and her sisters returned to Dark Root, a previous generation of witches and warlocks reigned over The Council: 13 men and women devoted to holding back the dark they believed would eventually end the world. This is the origin st...

  • I inspected the small glass orb in my hand and read the words engraved upon its mantle: Dark Root, Oregon, 1968. "Jillian, there's nothing inside," I said, shaking the globe. “You must view it before you go to sleep. The memory it contains will com...

  • Strange changes are happening to Cassie Walker. She’s losing track of time, seeing shadows, and developing…horns? Fearful, she returns to her childhood home to solve the mystery of what she’s becoming. There, she meets up with childhood friend,...

  • ***Welcome to Dark Root: The Most Haunted Town in The Pacific Northwest.*** Things are tough in Dark Root. Shane is missing and presumed dead. Julianna Benbridge is haunting the town. And the mysterious curse has tightened its grip on Maggie. The clo...

  • Maggie’s child has been stolen! The dark witch, Larinda, has taken the newborn into the Netherworld. She is intent on trading him to a warlock, who will use the child to fulfill a bargain with the Dark One. And Maggie has just three days to stop it...

  • "Witch, witch, you make me itch. I'd like to beat you with a switch." Baylee Scott has the gift of touch. Except it’s not a gift. Seeing other people's memories doesn't make her very popular in Reed Hollow. It was one of the reasons she left the sm...

  • Psychic Baylee Scott is turning thirty, but birthday cake is not on her mind. Objects are turning up missing all over town, and strange rat-like creatures have been seen lurking in the shadows. Add to that the untimely death of Reed Hollow's beloved ...

  • Maggie believes she has her demon situation under control. After all, she is a bad-ass witch, and the leader of The Council. But when her plan to bind the horde goes awry, she is confronted with a powerful truth: the demons may be here to stay. A...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

April Aasheim has published 12 books.

April Aasheim does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Bloodlines and Bindings, was published in January 2023.

The first book by April Aasheim, The Universe Is a Very Big Place, was published in April 2013.

Yes. April Aasheim has 3 series.