Book List in Order: 45 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Susan Hall Investigates

1) Whoops! Our New Flatmate Is A Human (Oct-2016)
2) Whoops! All The Money Went Missing (Apr-2017)
3) Whoops! Someone Is On Our Case (Dec-2017)
4) Whoops! We're In Big Trouble Now (Oct-2018)

A Witch P.I. Mystery

1) Witch Is When It All Began (Aug-2015)
2) Witch Is When Life Got Complicated (Aug-2015)
3) Witch Is When Everything Went Crazy (Sep-2015)
4) Witch Is When Things Fell Apart (Oct-2015)
5) Witch Is When the Bubble Burst (Nov-2015)
6) Witch Is When the Penny Dropped (Dec-2015)
7) Witch Is When the Floodgates Opened (Feb-2016)
8) Witch Is When the Hammer Fell (Feb-2016)
9) Witch Is When My Heart Broke (Apr-2016)
10) Witch Is When I Said Goodbye (May-2016)
11) Witch Is When Stuff Got Serious (Jun-2016)
12) Witch Is When All Was Revealed (Jul-2016)
13) Witch Is Why Time Stood Still (Aug-2016)
14) Witch Is Why the Laughter Stopped (Sep-2016)
15) Witch Is Why Another Door Opened (Nov-2016)
16) Witch Is Why Two Became One (Dec-2016)
17) Witch Is Why The Moon Disappeared (Feb-2017)
18) Witch Is Why The Wolf Howled (Mar-2017)
19) Witch Is Why The Music Stopped (May-2017)
20) Witch Is Why A Pin Dropped (Jul-2017)
21) Witch Is Why The Owl Returned (Aug-2017)
22) Witch Is Why The Search Began (Sep-2017)
23) Witch Is Why Promises Were Broken (Nov-2017)
24) Witch Is Why It Was Over (Feb-2018)
25) Witch is How Things Had Changed (Apr-2018)
26) Witch Is How Berries Tasted Good (Jun-2018)
27) Witch Is How The Mirror Lied (Sep-2018)
28) Witch is How The Tables Turned (Nov-2018)
29) Witch is How The Drought Ended (Jan-2019)
30) Witch is How The Dice Fell (Mar-2019)
31) Witch Is How The Biscuits Disappeared (May-2019)
32) Witch Is How Dreams Became Reality (Jul-2019)
33) Witch is How Bells Were Saved (Sep-2019)
34) Witch Is How To Fool Cats (Nov-2019)
35) Witch is How To Lose Big (Jan-2020)
36) Witch is How Life Changed Forever (Apr-2020)
37) Witch Is Where Magic Lives Now (Jul-2020)
38) Witch Is Where Clowns Go To Die (Oct-2020)
39) Witch Is Where Squirrels Go Nuts (Feb-2021)
40) Witch Is Where Rainbows End (Jun-2021)
41) Witch Is Where Unicorns Cry (Oct-2021)