Book List in Order: 40 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Camerons of Colorado

1) Kids, Critters and Cupid (Feb-1996)
2) The Cupid Conspiracy (Mar-1996)
3) The Cupid Chronicles (Apr-1996)
4) Cupid's Revenge (May-1998)

Gone to Texas!

1) The Wrangler's Woman (Mar-2000)
2) Almost a Cowboy (Apr-2000)
3) The Cowgirl's Man (May-2000)

Related Books

1) Runaway Wedding (Jun-1996)
2) A Simple Texas Wedding (Sep-1996)
3) Runaway Honeymoon (Jan-1997)

The Taggarts of Texas

1) Fireworks! (Jul-1992)
2) The Red-Blooded Yankee! (Oct-1992)
3) Showdown! (Jan-1993)
4) Legend! (Apr-1993)
5) Hitched! (Aug-2000)

Multi-Author Series List

Back to the Ranch

Wild Horses (May-1994)

The Bridal Collection

Showdown! (Jan-1993)

Hero for Hire

A Private Eyeful (Dec-1998)


Runaway Wedding (Jun-1996)

The Lyon Legacy

Golden Anniversary (Jul-1999)
Family Secrets (Aug-1999)

Matchmaking Moms

A Royal Pain (Mar-1997)

Rebels and Rogues

The Red-Blooded Yankee! (Oct-1992)

Simply the Best

Breakfast in Bed (Jul-1997)

Texas Grooms Wanted!

Bachelor Available! (Feb-1999)

Today's Woman

A Simple Texas Wedding (Sep-1996)

Whirlwind Weddings

Dash to the Altar (Feb-1998)