J.T. Edson

J.T. Edson was born in England in a small mining village. He grew up loving westerns, even going as far to rewrite cowboy films he saw in the theater. A teacher of his encouraged him to continue developing his writing. Before writing professionally, Edson served for 12 years in His Majesty's Armed Forces as a dog trainer. His first print piece was in a small military camp magazine in 1947. Shortly after, he purchased a typewriter and had written 10 westerns at the time of his discharge. He won second prize in the Western category of a literary contest. This led to the publication of 46 of his novels with Brown & Watson Ltd.

In the late 1960's, Edson joined Corgi Books which allowed him to expand from just writing westerns into science fiction as well. His novels are known for their attention to detail and historical accuracy. He has published 136 books with 27 million copies in print.

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