When Anthony awakes to find himself in a cold dark prison, the stabbing pain in his side and swollen face are the least of his problems. Two of his friends are dead and the fate of the other two is unknown. He's been betrayed by his uncle and left to become a human lab monkey. He wants to find answers, but as he delves deeper into his past, he is only confronted with more questions. Back at home something darker is brewing. On the surface the small town of North Shore has gone back to normal, but hidden just out of sight is a secret world, full of mystery and a dark power that is slowly shimmering to the surface. The fa?ade is crumbling and soon the world as we know it will be gone. A war looms on the horizon. A war that finds mankind as nothing more than collateral damage. If Anthony hopes to save anyone, he must discover the secrets within, the secrets of his Origins.

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