In A Time of Treason
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    Feb-2008 (Hardcover)
    Apr-2009 (Paperback)
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David Keck captivated readers with In the Eye of Heaven. Now, he continues the gripping story of Durand Col, a man at the heart of a nation divided.

Fighting under the banner of Lord Lamoric, Durand and his companions thwarted a mad duke's ambition and saved the crown. They have spent the winter counting their last pennies in their master's gloomy hall and wondering what the coming season will bring.

One thing seems certain: the peace they forged cannot hold. Too many barons have plotted against the king, too many strongrooms are empty, and no one truly believes that a simple vote will long deter the brooding Duke of Yrlac.

With the advent of spring, the king rails against traitors and flings mad edicts across the land. There is open rebellion in the North. And, the Duke of Yrlac steps over the border of Lamoric's homeland.

Even as Durand fights at Lamoric's side, his loyalties are increasingly torn. As a knight of Lamoric's household, he cannot stray far from his master's wife--the one woman he can neither have nor forget--while siege and sorcery conspire to bring him closer to treason.

Can his loyalties survive his divided heart? Can the land of his birth survive the forces that tear it asunder? Can love and loyalty endure in a time of treason?
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