Flying Lessons
  • Length:
    8 Books
  • First Book:
    July 2002
  • Latest Book:
    June 2006
  • Genres:
  • Age Level:
    Kids (12 & Under)

Witch-in-Training Series in Order (8 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: Witch-in-Training

  • Book - 1

    The first title in a new series of magical books for younger readers, by Irish author Maeve Friel. On Jessica’s tenth birthday she discovers she is a young witch…The first in a new series of magical books for younger readers, by Irish author, Mae...

  • Book - 2

    The second book in this sparkling, magical new series about Jessica, the ten-year-old witch-in-training. Writing that fizzes…that will enchant every 7 " 9 year old, especially girls.In Witch-in-Training: Flying Lessons ten-year-old Jessica learns...

  • Book - 3

    Miss Strega takes Jess to Charm Archipeligo where meets the extraordinary pirate-turned-with Pelagia. The third title in this magical series.Miss Strega decides Jessica has to learn not only how to be charming, but how to DO charming. She takes her o...

  • Book - 4

    Jessica and Miss Strega go off to source the Brewing ingredients, to the Market at the Very End of the Earth. The fourth title in this magical series.Jessica and Miss Strega are off on an expedition to restock Miss Strega’s shop with Brewing Ingred...

  • Book - 5

    A fifth magical adventure about everyone’s favourite witch-in-training.Witches and magic, spells and potions… there’s so much to learn when you are a witch-in-training!The fifth adventure for ten-year-old Jessica, who is training to be a witch ...

  • Book - 6

    An enchanting new adventure for Jessica, everyone’s favourite Witch-in-Training, and her teacher Miss Strega.“Prrrrrrooom,” Jessica purred, in a very pleased voice. “I’m a cat.”Jessica is learning the Witch Switch " how to magically cha...

  • Book - 7

    A seventh magical adventure about everyone’s favourite witch-in-training, ideal for younger readers.Everyone’s favourite Witch-in-Training is back in a whole new magical adventure!Jessica is off to the Witches' Games at Coven Garden to compete in...

  • Book - 8

    The eighth title in this magical series, fizzing with fun and excitement.Jess is off on a quest to find Dame Walpurga's stolen shoes. But to get them back, she must tackle a rude giant, trick a grumpy gnome and uncover a secret hidden deep undergroun...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 8 books in the Witch-in-Training series.

The Witch-in-Training series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Last Task (Book 8), was published in June 2006.

The first book in the Witch-in-Training series, Flying Lessons, was published in July 2002.

The Witch-in-Training series primarily falls into the Fantasy genre.
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