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Book Descriptions for series: The Stone Trilogy

  • THE OLD SISTER WERE SO KIND, SO GENEROUS, SO ANXIOUS TO HAVE THEM LIVE IN WHAT SEEMED LIKE THE PERFECT HOUSE. They even offered Justin and Chandal the apartment rent-free for the first six months. It seemed like a miracle just when they needed it ...

  • Chandal has no memories beyond the fateful night the Brownstone burned. The night her husband and the two old sisters perished… There her mind stops. No one, including the psychiatrist at Lakewood Sanatorium has been able to uncover the terri...

  • The Deathstone is, as the Boston Globe describes, the “expertly written, chilling finale to the ‘Stone’ series,” Ken Eulo’s trilogy of horror that has sold over 3 million copies. The occult nightmares of Chandal Knight are long past and she...