• Length:
    6 Books
  • Genres:
    Science Fiction

The Gargoyle Legends Series in Order (6 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: The Gargoyle Legends

  • Abdiel St. Jude is a gargoyle knight, a hunter of supernatural evil with a dark heritage and an even darker history. When he goes to Garville, Maine it's to track down a ritualistic murderer. Finding his long lost sister was never on the agenda.Eden ...

  • Things are finally settling down for Abdiel and Eden St. Jude. Eden's gotten used to her gargoyle powers and shapeshifting abilities, and Abdiel is finally getting to know his long lost sister. For the first time in his life he is truly happy - until...

  • When Andre returns to New Orleans for a funeral, he finds that things are much more sinister than he remembers. His world has changed since learning about his powers, and the things that stalk the shadows, but he never dreamed the darkness would hit ...

  • Garville, Maine is famous for its stone monsters - the gargoyles and grotesques carved on every building that stare down with sightless eyes. Meanwhile a human monster stalks the streets, leaving a trail of bodies and death. Eden Sinclair quickly rea...

  • Eden and Abdiel are gargoyle knights - hunters of supernatural evil, descended from demons. Time and again they have risked their lives to protect humans from monsters and ritualistic murderers, but now they have been betrayed by one of the very peop...

  • For thousands of years the world has been protected from evil by gargoyle knights - part demon, mostly human warriors, armed with unnatural strength and the power to shapeshift into ferocious, nearly unstoppable beasts. Now, a new threat looms on the...

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