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Book Descriptions for series: Small Worlds

  • Small Worlds, the first volume in Allen Hoffman's critically acclaimed series Small Worlds, takes place in 1903 and introduces the wondrous rebbe of Krimskā€”a small Hasidic settlement in Eastern Europe. Secluded in his study for the past five yea...

  • In St. Louis, it is the summer of 1920 and the day is the Sabbath, but there is little rest for the Jews from Krimsk and less reverence for the wondrous Krimsker Rebbe, who led them to the New World seventeen years before. The rebbe's former hasidim ...

  • This searing third novel in the critically acclaimed Small Worlds series records the cruel fate of the villagers of Krimsk as they encounter the twentieth-century's greatest agents of evil, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. It is Rosh Hashanah the J...