How to Train a Boy
  • Length:
    17 Books
  • First:
    January 2002
  • Latest:
    February 2005
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4 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
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Book Descriptions for series: Mary-Kate and Ashley: So Little Time

  • Jacqueline Carrol
    Book - 1

    How to train a boy... - Get a cute boy to notice you. - Avoid the geeky guy next door. - Move into Dad's trailer. - Go to rock-star friend's concert. Chloe and Riley Carlson... So much to little time...

  • Megan Stine
    Book - 2

    Good-girl Chloe needs to find a way to land in detention with her heartthrob -- bad boy Travis. But every time she does something wrong, the vice-principal blames someone else. Soon the whole school is mad at Chloe. And when she finally gets detent...

  • Nancy Butcher
    Book - 3

    Too good to be true: * Get a good grade in sewing -- no matter what. * Go on a date with the cutest guy ever. * Make brownies without starting a fire. * Be nice to your boyfriend's perfect ex-girlfriend. (Yeah, right.) Chloe and Rile...

  • Jacqueline Carrol
    Book - 4

    Stop a sneaky girl from stealing your boyfriend ... Pose for the family portrait ... Learn to keep a secret ... Always, alwaysfollow Manuelo's advice....

  • Megan Stine
    Book - 5

    * Get invited to the party of the century. * Sneak out of the house after curfew. * Cover for your friend when her parents ask questions. * Don't get caught! Chloe and Riley Carlson ... So much to do ... So little time....

  • Jacqueline Carrol
    Book - 6

    * Set up a date between your two friends. * Learn how to use power tools. * Show the conceited boy who's boss. * Hang out with your secret crush!...

  • Megan Stine
    Book - 7

    These days Chloe is driving everybody -- especially Riley -- crazy! Riley doesn't want to fight over small stuff, but soon every little thing Chloe does has Riley really mad! But that's only the beginning. Supermodel Tedi decides to quit the b...

  • Rosalind Noonan
    Book - 8

    Riley and Chloe decide to take up surfing. Riley meets a really cute surfer-boy named Vance on the beach. He's athletic, super-outgoing, and really into school -- everything that her boyfriend Alex isn't. Riley adores Alex, but still, she can't see...

  • Kylie Adams
    Book - 9

    * Get Mom to go on a date with the football coach. * Find a date for Dad on-line. * Hunt down a hot date for Manuelo. * Find dates for us! Chloe and Riley Carlson ... so much to do ... so little time....

  • Nancy Butcher
    Book - 10

    A Girl's Guide to Guys * Don't accept a date on less than three days' notice. * Make sure you're busy the second time he asks you out. * No kissing until the fourth date -- at least. * Never ever tell him how you feel before he does!...

  • Megan Stine
    Book - 11

    * The cute boy thinks you're French. Go with it. * Wear your hair in a French twist. * Eat French Fries, French toast, etc. * Tell him the truth -- eventually. Chloe and Riley Carlson ... So much to do ... So little time....

  • Nancy Butcher
    Book - 12

    * Buy a new outfit when your best friend invites you to the coolest concert of the year. * Freak out when she un-invites you. * Freak out some more when you find out the concert is sold out * Find a way to get into that concert if it's the last th...

  • Eliza Willard
    Book - 13

    It's Chloe's first Valentine's Day with Lennon. She painstakingly plans the perfect evening, and tops it off by telling him she loves him. Imagine her surprise when Lennon doesn't say it back.Riley has had a string of bad dates. She decides to go on ...

  • Emma Harrison
    Book - 14

    Sneak onto the set of a cool TV dance party.Go on an amazing date with your crush.Try to like your sister's boyfriend -- no matter how weird he is.If that doesn't work, find her a new boyfriend right away Chloe and Riley Carlson...So much to do......

  • Jacqueline Carrol
    Book - 15

    Riley's ೲue confessionsߴime capsule video for West Malibu High has fallen into the wrong hands. The nerdiest guy in school has it and threatens to show it to everyone unless Riley goes out with him! What will she do? Only time will tell. Ages 8–...

  • Nancy Butcher
    Book - 16

    This year Riley and Chloe are spending Christmas with Dad in his trailer on the beach. That means no Christmas tree, no Yule log and no Mom, who has to go away to help her ailing aunt. That's when Chloe and Riley decide on the best Christmas present ...

  • Jacqueline Carrol
    Book - 17

    When Riley makes over her boyfriend from punk–rocker to stylin hottie, he's almost too good to be true! But Riley's in for a reality check, when the ୥w and improvedcharlie has makeover plans of for her! Can Riley deal with her new wild look? Ages...