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    18 Books
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    November 1999
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    January 2008
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Multi-Author Series List

Candy Apple

7 - Totally Crushed (Jan-2008)


1 - The Power of Three (Nov-1999)

Jackie Chan Adventures

1 - The Dark Hand (Oct-2001)
7 - Revenge of the Dark Hand (May-2002)

Jackie Chan Adventures Super Special

1 - The Day of the Dragon (Jan-2003)

Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action!

1 - Makeup Shake-up (Nov-2002)
4 - Operation Evaporation (Feb-2003)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring In

3 - Our Lips Are Sealed (Feb-2001)
5 - School Dance Party (Oct-2001)
6 - Holiday in the Sun (Dec-2001)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16

4 - Getting There (Aug-2002)
7 - Playing Games (Feb-2003)
8 - Cross Our Hearts (Apr-2003)
9 - All That Glitters (Jun-2003)
12 - Dream Holiday (Dec-2003)

Mary-Kate and Ashley: New York Minute

New York Minute (May-2004)

Mary-Kate and Ashley: So Little Time

13 - Love is in the Air (Jan-2004)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • In this night and at this hour, I call upon the Ancient Power. Bring your powers to we sisters three. We want the power. Give us the power! Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell didn't think reading a magical incantation would really work. But it d...

  • Undercover Down Under

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Parker are hanging out, trying to think of a way to become popular -- when a jewel thief trips over their feet! They've stopped a major crime! That's the good news. The bad news is,...

  • Legend says that twelve magical stones are scattered across the globe. Twelve talismans -- each with its own special power. And Jackie is on a quest to find them all! The adventure begins when Jackie finds an ancient shield in a crumbling castle -...

  • Dance Fever

    It's time for the big fall dance and everyone has a date -- except Mary-Kate and Ashley! Ashley wants to go with her boyfriend, Rick. But he has a secret date with someone else! Mary-Kate has a secret, too -- a secret admirer. But she c...


    Alex and Madison Stewart really want to go to Hawaii with their classmates this winter break. Their parents have a different idea-another family vacation. But this family vacation turns out to be anything but d...

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    Give the gift of Jackie Chan! Featuring the first four titles in our best-selling Jackie Chan Adventures series, the books come in a sturdy, convenient slipcase at a truly awesome price-you get four books for the price of three! ...

  • An archaeologist seeking to bring together twelve magical talismans discovers that the dragon talisman, the strongest of all, is in Hawaii, where Valmont, the leader of the Dark Hand, seizes it first....

  • Renee La Rouge, makeup magnate and recurring villain, has developed a cosmetics line called Face Values that will allow her to control the actions of everyone wearing it. Agents Misty and Amber are hot on her trail when their friend Dominique - a mod...

  • FROM: Headquarters TO: Special Agents Misty and Amber LOCATION: Bermuda PROBLEM: The evil Clive Hedgmorton-Smythe is taking all the water out of the earth's lakes, rivers and oceans! YOUR MISSION: To dry up Clive's plan to turn the world ...

  • Mary"Kate is totally excited when she scores a position as a photo intern at a hot teen magazine. But soon she learns that one of her co"workers isn't the person she pretends to be. Meanwhile, Ashley's job as entertainment coordinator at a loc...

  • Mary"Kate and Ashley's parents are going away for one week. And " for the first time ever " they're leaving Mary"Kate and Ashley home alone. Excellent! But when the girls tiny gathering of friends turns into the house party of the year, th...

  • Anything can happen when you're sweet sixteen ...

    Day"care center rehearsal

    Last day on movie set. Boo"hoo!

    Shopping with Danielle

    Movie opening with Danielle

    Cast Danielle in play ... What?


  • Mary"Kate and Ashley are having the time of their lives skiing and hanging out with friends on their winter break in Colorado. They make friends with a fun girl named Nancy, who is a nanny staying at the lodge next door. But things start going d...

  • It's Chloe's first Valentine's Day with Lennon. She painstakingly plans the perfect evening, and tops it off by telling him she loves him. Imagine her surprise when Lennon doesn't say it back.

    Riley has had a string of bad dates. She decides to ...

  • Jane skips school to give a speech in New York that she hopes will make her dream of going to Oxford University come true. roxy skips school and heads into New York with a rock CD that she hopes will make her a star.

    But then...

    Jane is caught...

  • PINK FOR YOUR FRIENDS. RED FOR YOUR CRUSH. WHAT COULD BE SIMPLER? Annabel is thrilled to find a red carnation at her locker on Valentine's Day. But when it turns out to be from her best guy friend, Sam, things get messy -- fast! Annabel could ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Eliza Willard has published 18 books.

Eliza Willard does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Totally Crushed, was published in January 2008.

The first book by Eliza Willard, The Power of Three, was published in November 1999.

No. Eliza Willard does not write books in series.