The Love Factor
Riley and Chloe decide to take up surfing. Riley meets a really cute surfer-boy named Vance on the beach. He's athletic, super-outgoing, and really into school -- everything that her boyfriend Alex isn't. Riley adores Alex, but still, she can't seem to stop thinking about Vance. They have a lot in common and a lot of laughs, and Riley admits to herself (and her sister) that she wants to get to know Vance a lot better. She faces one of the toughest moments in her life when she realizes that her heart is changing, and it's not fair to Alex. She has to break up with him.

Chloe gets the nerve to ask a boy at a coffee house on a date -- the same time a noisy coffee grinder is turned on. She thinks he said yes, but she's not sure. She decides to ask him again, but every time she does he doesn't seem to hear her. What should she do? Should she show up for the date just in case he shows up? Or should she try to save face and forget the whole thing?

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    • Mar-2003
    • HarperCollins
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 0060093129
    • ISBN13: 9780060093129


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