Knight of Shadows
  • Length:
    3 Books
  • First:
    September 2013
  • Latest:
    March 2017

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1 Fantasy / F 0 Buy
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3 Historical / H 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Hunter of Sherwood

  • Book - 1

    A GUY OF GISBURNE NOVELEngland, 1191. Richard Lionheart has left the realm bankrupt and leaderless in his quest for glory. Only Prince John seems willing to fight back the tide of chaos threatening England – embodied by the traitorous ‘Hood.’Bu...

  • Book - 2

    Guy of Gisburne, knight and agent to Prince John, is all that stands between England and anarchy, fighting a shadow battle to protect the kingdom from those who would destroy it.Returning to England after foiling a plot to destroy Jerusalem, Guy of G...

  • Book - 3

    It's Guy of Gisburne's final stand against a killer and fraud: Robin Hood. The vendetta with Robin Hood has cost too much: blood shed, lives lost, friendships severed. Guy of Gisburne, knight and agent of the crown, has had enough, and wishes to e...