Her Heart's Desire
Though Kate had many suitors in Portsmouth Harbor, she was too serious to bewitch a man just for springtime sport.

But in London, as private secretary to the renowned historian the Viscount of Blanchefield, the ton's allure began to challenge her deafness to the call of romance. Now the amiable Lady Viola bedecked Kate in Parisian fashions. Now the Royal Prince requested her presence at Almack's exclusive rooms. And through the gentle attentions of the Viscount, she began to form a taste for the pleasures of courtship.

But how to escape the unshakable Captain Rufus? How to stop the wagging tongues of Almack's patronesses? And how to tell her beloved Viscount from his identical twin, the notorious Earl of Stellium? Kate soon found it took more than luck, clever cogitation and pretty pondering to achieve...HER HEART'S DESIRE

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