Series List in Order

Order Author Book Genre Date Rating
1 Fantasy / F 4 Buy
2 Fantasy / F 0 Buy
2 General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
2 Science Fiction / SF 5 Buy
3 Fantasy / F 0 Buy
3 Fantasy / F 4 Buy
4 Fantasy / F 4 Buy
5 Fantasy / F 4 Buy
6 Fantasy / F 4 Buy

7 Fantasy / F 0 Buy
Fantasy / F 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Borderland

  • Terri Windling
    Book - 1

    MUSIC IS MAGIC AND MAGIC RUNS WILD! Between the mysterious Elf lands and the magicless world are a wild Borderland and the ancient city of Bordertown. Here Elf in magic and human technology work only sporadically. Here elves and humans mingle in a...

  • Terri Windling
    Book - 2

    On the border between the World and Elfland sits Bordertown, a place of half-lit neighborhoods of hidden magic, of flamboyant artists and pagan motorcycle gangs. Bordertown is a hothouse laboratory for the return of magic to the life of the World--an...

  • Mark Alan Arnold
    Book - 2

  • John Shirley
    Book - 2

    Everyone already knows that. But the General of an army of Psycho Soldiers takes on this planetary hell headfirst, planning to enslave all of the Borderlands. And that General . . . is a Goddess. The General Goddess, Gynella, is a cunning maniac who ...

  • Terri Windling
    Book - 3

    All new stories by Emma Bull, Kara Dalkey, Charles de Lint, Craig Shaw Gardener, Michael Korolenko, Ellen Kushner, Will Shetterly, Midori Snyder, and Terri Windling (writing as Bellamy Bach); song lyrics by Emma Bull. Cover art by Rick Berry...

  • Lorna Freeman
    Book - 3

    The bestselling Borderlands saga continues Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson's heir when a man once scorned by his mother comes seeking retribution-and demands that Rabbit marry his daughter...

  • Will Shetterly
    Book - 4

    All MESSED UP and NOWHERE to go? Bordertown lies halfway between the world of humans and the realm of Faerie. Here, elf and human gangs clash by night, magic works better than technology, and runaways like Ron show up with dreams of changing thems...

  • Will Shetterly
    Book - 5

    Half WOLF. Half BOY. All SCREWED UP. Ron, the hero of Elsewhere, has been cursed by a beautiful elf named Leda, and now he's a werewolf. As if meeting girls hadn't already been hard enough. Ron would love to break the curse, but he's got other...

  • Emma Bull
    Book - 6

    Orient the Finder, a young man with a supernatural ability to recover lost objects, and a tough female cop named Sonny Rico, set out to cure the city of a mysterious plague and the advent of a deadly drug. Reprint....

  • Terri Windling
    Book - 7

    "Bordertown. Once a normal American city, now a perilous nexus between the World and returned Elfland. From the banks of the addictive Mad River to the all-night clublands where young elves and humans fight and play, all the way up to glittering drag...

  • Lorna Freeman

    TROOPER A horse soldier, Rabbit is nothing but a grunt in the Royal Army of Iversterre. A lost grunt, seeing as how his unit can't seem to find its way out of the mountains. But help comes from an unexpected source: a Faena--or "magical"--from the ...