Book List in Order: 112 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Chapman Files

1) The First Wife (Sep-2010)
2) The Second Lie (Oct-2010)
3) The Third Secret (Nov-2010)
4) The Fourth Victim (Nov-2010)

The Daycare Chronicles

1) Her Lost and Found Baby (Aug-2018)
2) An Unexpected Christmas Baby (Nov-2018)
3) The Baby Arrangement (Mar-2019)

Family Secrets

1) For Love or Money (Aug-2016)
2) Her Soldier's Baby (Nov-2016)
3) The Cowboy's Twins (Jan-2017)

The Historic Arapahoe

1) Once Upon a Friendship (Jul-2015)
2) Once Upon a Marriage (Oct-2015)

It Happened in Comfort Cove

1) A Son's Tale (Jul-2012)
2) A Daughter's Story (Oct-2012)
2.5) The Good Girl (Dec-2012)
3) The Truth About Comfort Cove (Jan-2013)

Ivory Nation

1) In Plain Sight (Oct-2006)
2) Behind Closed Doors (Oct-2007)
3) At Close Range (Nov-2007)

The Parent Portal

1) Having the Soldier's Baby (Jun-2019)
2) A Baby Affair (Mar-2020)
3) Her Motherhood Wish (Apr-2020)
4) A Mother's Secrets (Jul-2020)
5) The Child Who Changed Them (Jan-2021)
6) Their Second-Chance Baby (Apr-2021)
7) Her Christmas Future (Oct-2021)

Related Books

1) No Cure for Love (Dec-1994)
2) Shotgun Baby (Aug-1997)

Related Books - 2

1) Father: Unknown (Apr-1998)
2) The Heart of Christmas (Dec-1998)

Shelter Valley Stories

1) Becca's Baby (Oct-2000)
2) My Sister, Myself (Nov-2000)
3) White Picket Fences (Dec-2000)
4) Sheltered in His Arms (Apr-2001)
5) Just Around the Corner (Dec-2001)
6) The Sheriff of Shelter Valley (Oct-2002)
7) Born in the Valley (Jun-2003)
8) Nothing Sacred (Mar-2004)
9) Somebody's Baby (May-2005)
10) Sophie's Secret (Mar-2009)
11) Full Contact (Aug-2011)
12) It's Never Too Late (May-2013)
13) Second Time's the Charm (Aug-2013)
14) The Moment of Truth (Nov-2013)

Sierra's Web

1) His Lost and Found Family (Jan-2022)
2) Reluctant Roommates (May-2022)
3) Tracking His Secret Child (Sep-2022)

Where Secrets are Safe

1) Wife by Design (Feb-2014)
2) Once a Family (Jun-2014)
3) Husband by Choice (Sep-2014)
4) Child by Chance (Dec-2014)
5) Mother by Fate (Mar-2015)
6) The Good Father (Jun-2015)
7) Love by Association (Mar-2016)
8) His First Choice (May-2016)
9) The Promise He Made Her (Jul-2016)
10) Her Secret Life (Mar-2017)
11) The Fireman's Son (May-2017)
12) For Joy's Sake (Aug-2017)
13) A Family for Christmas (Nov-2017)
14) Falling for the Brother (Mar-2018)
15) A Defender's Heart (Jun-2018)
16) Her Detective's Secret Intent (Sep-2019)
17) Shielded in the Shadows (Jun-2020)
18) Falling for His Suspect (Jul-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

9 Months Later

8) Another Man's Child (Feb-1997)
14) Father: Unknown (Apr-1998)

Bundles of Joy

37) Sophie's Secret (Mar-2009)

Colton 911

7) Family Defender (Jul-2020)

Colton 911: Grand Rapids

1) Family Defender (Jul-2020)

The Coltons

103) Colton's Lethal Reunion (Jan-2020)
114) Family Defender (Jul-2020)
127) Colton's Killer Pursuit (Feb-2021)

The Coltons of Mustang Valley

2) Colton's Lethal Reunion (Jan-2020)

The Coltons of Grave Gulch

2) Colton's Killer Pursuit (Feb-2021)

The Coltons of Colorado

6) Colton Countdown (Jul-2022)

Cooper's Corner

His Brother's Bride (Aug-2002)

The Diamond Legacy

1) A Daughter's Trust (Sep-2009)

Everlasting Love

The Valentine Gift: Valentine's Daughters (Jan-2008)

Family Man

Jacob's Girls (Sep-1995)
The Birth Mother (Jun-1996)

Fortune's Children

125) Fortune's Christmas Baby (Dec-2018)

The Fortunes of Texas

80) Fortune's Christmas Baby (Dec-2018)

Furever Yours

10) Love off the Leash (Jun-2022)

A Little Secret

1) Her Secret, His Child (May-1999)
5) The Secret Son (May-2002)

Maitland Maternity Clinic

6) Cassidy's Kids (Sep-2000)

Marriage of Inconvenience

Shotgun Baby (Aug-1997)

Texas Hold 'em

The Baby Gamble (Oct-2007)

Trueblood, Texas

15) The Rancher's Bride (Jun-2002)
21) Beth (Nov-2002)


For the Children (Dec-2003)