Stephen McCarthy

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  • Thriller


    Before they were Old Farts, they were Young Whippersnappers. The heroes from The Old Farts' Spy Club are young, inexperienced trainees for The Office. Learning the Spy Game in Italy starts out as mostly fun, but gets serious fast as they learn that i...



  • Mystery


    Patrick O'Sullivan, an aging, semi-retired agent, believes he's stumbled onto a terrorist plot that threatens to bring Los Angeles to its knees. Fighting the ghosts of past failures, he must now rely on old acquaintances from both sides of the Cold W...



  • General Fiction

    It is 1986, the Irish nation is gripped by the exploits of their nearest neighbors at the World Cup in Mexico and the phenomenon of moving religious statues that swept the country that year. Kevin takes a Summer job at a chip shop in a seasi...


  • Historical

    How big can one man's head get? Big enough to heal a country? How much can wanting something cloud a man's judgement. When is doing the right thing the wrong thing to do?Two different men navigate a time of change in Irish Politic...



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