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    19 Books (3 Series)
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    January 1985
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    May 2022
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Full Series List in Order

Avalon: Manga

1 - Avalon 1: The Warlock Diaries (Jun-2009)
2 - Avalon 2: The Warlock Diaries (Nov-2009)
3 - Avalon 3: The Warlock Diaries (Apr-2010)

Avalon: Quest for Magic

1 - Song of the Unicorns (Jan-2009)
2 - All's Fairy in Love and War (Mar-2009)
3 - Ghost Wolf (May-2009)
4 - Heart of Avalon (Sep-2009)
5 - Dark Mage (Nov-2009)
6 - Full Circle (Mar-2010)

Avalon: Web of Magic

1 - Circles in the Stream (Mar-2008)
2 - All That Glitters (Mar-2008)
3 - Cry of the Wolf (May-2008)
4 - Secret of the Unicorn (Jul-2008)
5 - Spellsinger (Sep-2008)
6 - Trial By Fire (Nov-2008)

Book List in Order: 19 titles

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  • Emily and Adriane each have one thing Kara lacks―a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own―a diamond unicorn horn―it brings more trouble than the girls can handle. Pesky dragonflies start showing up everywhere and new...

  • Deep in the woods, a secret place beckons...What if you found it -- and it changed your life forever? Emily: She's the shy one, the new girl in town. She doesn't believe in magic. Deep in the woods, magical animals are hying -- and dying. W...

  • Adriane and Stormbringer the Mistwolf have a unique bond. When Stormbringer is lured into the portal to Aldenmor, Adriane pursues her companion into the magical world, where she must confront the entire mistwolf pack in order to bring Storm home. ...

  • A unicorn whispers...

    Something has happened in the heart of Aldenmor: the Fairy Glade has vanished! New animal refugees are arriving in Ravenswood, including a mysterious, wild unicorn. The creature is frightened, confused �" and wounded. ...

  • The first benefit concert for the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve is on! Everyone is depending on the event to ensure the survival of Ravenswood. It's got to be a success. And Kara's on the case. She's booked two mega rock acts, a fabulous girl band ...

  • The road to Avalon - the mystical home of all magic - is finally within reach! Its location is revealed on a fairy map, a sparkling globe of wondrous power, that Kara now holds. She must use the map for the good of all the worlds, but the Dark Sor...

  • Avalon: Web of Magic Book 7, Song of the Unicorns by Rachel Roberts

    Emily's dad wants her to visit and meet his new wife at a horse ranch in New Mexico. Emily convinces Adriane and Kara to accompany her. But along the magic web, a dangerous ...

  • To Kara's astonishment, she discovers that a portal has opened in her bedroom closet and two goblins have fallen through! They refuse to return to the fairy realms and be drafted for an impending war. In an attempt to roust the pesky creatures, Ka...

  • Avalon: Web of Magic Book 9, Ghost Wolf by Rachel Roberts

    A haunted mansion!Ravenswood Manor is being haunted by mysterious ghosts who won't leave Adriane alone. To stop the haunting, Adriane must walk the spirit trail with the help of her o...

  • The magic of Avalon comes to manga for the very first time!

    The much-loved Avalon: Web of Magic novels by Rachel Roberts get their first adaptation into manga for middle grade readers.

    Experience a whole new level of fun, adventu...

  • Avalon: Web of Magic Book 10, Heart of Avalon by Rachel Roberts

    Save the seadragons!

    The seadragons of Aldenmor are afflicted by a mysterious illness. Searching for a cure, Emily and Ozzie the ferret discover that the seadragons are be...

  • No matter how hard they try, it seems warlock and mage magic just can't work together. Kara is determined to find a way and asks Donovan to the Ravenswood "Adopt a Beast" dance. Things get out of hand when the imp, Crumble, lets loose a warlock lo...

  • The Dark Sorceress and her companions in the Otherworlds have decided to get rid of the mages once and for all. She targets Kara, who is particularly vulnerable to evil fairy magic since she is related to the Dark Sorceress. To save herself, Kara ...

  • Avalon: Web of Magic Book 12, Full Circle by Rachel Roberts

    Avalon Needs a Hero! It started with a quest to find the home of all magic: Avalon.

    It may end in darkness.

    Three girls, Emily, Adriane, and Kara, their fates set long ...

  • The race to find Avalon is on! It's up to the warrior mage, Adriane, to lead the charge across the magic web and rescue the animals of Ravenswood before they are turned into minions of the evil warlock. The mages will need all the help they can ge...

  • Teenage mages, Emily, Kara, and Adriane have their hands full monitoring the portal at the Ravenswood Preserve. The portal has become the "Grand Central Station" of the Magic Web, with magical creatures and animals stopping by on their way to othe...

  • Coming To Your Screen!Angel West is a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore with a lot more on her mind than books, boys and BFFs. She’s a born sleuth, and courtesy of her dad, head writer of a hit TV series, and movie studio executive mom, Hollyw...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rachel Roberts has published 19 books.

Rachel Roberts does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, My Heart's Desire, was published in May 2022.

The first book by Rachel Roberts, No Bells on Sunday, was published in January 1985.

Yes. Rachel Roberts has 3 series.