Her Surprise Family

Rafe Covelli saw marriage as The Great Surrender. But new-gal-in-town Shelby Harris had this die-hard bachelor's mind swimming with thoughts of home-cooked meals, passionate bedtime kisses and baby cuddles. These were not the dreams of a self-respecting single male! But hard as he tried, when Rafe took sweet Shelby into his arms he couldn't let go. All his survival instincts went on red alert. She so clearly longed for a family .. a husband .. him. So why didn't he retreat? Could it be this solitary man was about to surrender .. to a lifetime of love? .. who will wed? "Looks like we're in for a wicked night." Startled, Shelby spun around to see Rafe standing in her doorway. Lightning flashed. Without warning, Rafe lifted her into his arms. ''Put me down!" "Hush, green eyes," he murmured. "I'm taking you to safety." Shelby was pulled against his solid chest, her hands gripping his muscular arms. His strength and the sound of his voice soothed her. But she knew she couldn't continue leaning on him. She wanted a home, a husband, children .. but experience had taught her that the only person she could depend on was herself. She pushed against his massive chest, trying to break his hold, but his grip tightened. She melted against him. Maybe she could linger in Rafe's arms, for just a little longer.
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