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    8 Books
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    January 1980
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    October 2021
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  • Brilliantly written in language eerily reminiscent of Elizabethan English, this novel is set in 16th-century England and concerns a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth I. When it was first published in 1992, the critics raved: "A talent for writing espionag...

  • By the author of Firedrake's Eye: a masterpiece of voice, historical detail, and psychological insight to rival Peter Ackroyd and A. S. Byatt

    England in the mid-1580s faced an array of international foes and was torn internally by religious ...

  • Patricia Finney is the author of the critically acclaimed FIREDRAKE'S EYE and UNICORN'S BLOOD. Her newest novel is the last of the trilogy -- a masterpiece of voice, of historical detail and of psychological insight that rivals the best of Umberto Ec...

  • Hi! Hi there!I am Jack! Big dog Jack. WAG TAIL. I live with a big Pack. This is my Packleader. I love him HUGE amounts! More than steak, even. YUMYUM. My Packleader has a Pack Lady and three children. I love them BIG amounts, too. And this is Petr...

  • Hi! Hi there! Hi, friend, how lovely to smell your friendly smell again!

    I, Jack the dog, am so happy that you are back to read more of my adventures. This time I have a new best friend, Rebel, and he is a police dog! Woof! He licked my ...

  • Called in to solve an inconvenient murder before the whores riot, the lawyer James Enys must find a serial killer hiding among the cutpurses, lawyers, players, fugitive priests, pursuivants and whores of Elizabethan London. If he fails, he’ll be...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Patricia Finney has published 8 books.

Patricia Finney does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Lucky Woman, was published in October 2021.

The first book by Patricia Finney, Shadow of Gulls, was published in January 1980.

No. Patricia Finney does not write books in series.