Parnell Hall and All Pseudonyms

There are 55 books for Parnell Hall and all pseudonyms.      All Series

MysteryApr-2019 Buy
Action AdventureMar-2019 Buy
Action AdventureAug-2018 Buy
MysteryMar-2018 Buy
Action AdventureAug-2017 Buy
Cozy MysteryJan-2017 Buy
Action AdventureAug-2016 Buy
Cozy MysteryJan-2016 Buy
Private InvestigatorOct-2015 Buy
Cozy MysteryJan-2015 Buy
Private InvestigatorNov-2014 Buy
Cozy MysteryJan-2014 Buy
MysteryMay-2013 Buy
Private InvestigatorApr-2013 Buy
Private InvestigatorJan-2013 Buy
Cozy MysteryJan-2013 Buy
WWM-885Cozy MysteryFeb-2012 Buy
General FictionMay-2011 Buy
General FictionMay-2011 Buy
General FictionMay-2011 Buy
General FictionApr-2011 Buy
General FictionApr-2011 Buy
General FictionApr-2011 Buy
WWM-933Cozy MysteryJan-2011 Buy
Private InvestigatorJul-2010 Buy
MysteryApr-2010 Buy
WWM-945Cozy MysteryFeb-2010 Buy
WWM-917Cozy MysteryApr-2009 Buy
WWM-902Cozy MysteryApr-2008 Buy
Private InvestigatorJul-2007 Buy
Cozy MysteryNov-2006 Buy
Cozy MysteryOct-2005 Buy
SuspenseAug-2005 Buy
Cozy MysteryOct-2004 Buy
MysteryMay-2004 Buy
Cozy MysteryDec-2003 Buy
Private InvestigatorJan-2003 Buy
Cozy MysteryNov-2002 Buy
Cozy MysteryOct-2001 Buy
Private InvestigatorJul-2001 Buy
Cozy MysterySep-2000 Buy
Cozy MysteryNov-1999 Buy
Private InvestigatorJan-1998 Buy
Private InvestigatorApr-1997 Buy
Private InvestigatorApr-1997 Buy
Private InvestigatorMar-1995 Buy
Private InvestigatorMar-1994 Buy
Private InvestigatorMay-1993 Buy
Private InvestigatorMay-1991 Buy
Private InvestigatorDec-1990 Buy
Private InvestigatorApr-1990 Buy
Private InvestigatorMay-1989 Buy
Private InvestigatorSep-1988 Buy
Private InvestigatorFeb-1988 Buy
Private InvestigatorJun-1987 Buy

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