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  • Johnnie the Dime Koscko: don't be fooled, he's not really a gangster. But he'd like to be one, and that might just make him even more dangerous. He left the Mississippi coast thirty years ago in search of the big leagues in Las Vegas. But the closest...

  • Private investigator Jack Delmas has an ex in Memphis, a young daughter fast slipping away, and a practice made up of chasing down deadbeats or working for them ... until a massacre in an island beach house changes everything. Three of the victims be...

  • Jack finds himself caught in the midst of a deadly struggle for control of Biloxi's waterfront. For his entire life, Casper Perinovich has shrimped the waters off Biloxi's Point Cadet. Pushing eighty, he's still one tough, smart guy who isn't afra...

  • Martin Hegwood brings Dixie grit and flavor to a novel of a Florida Gulf mob murder that twists faster than a back swamp road. After drowning in a barmaid's sea-green eyes, P .I. Jack Delmas agrees to track down her missing pal--only to find him m...

Complete Series List in Order

Jack Delmas

1) Big Easy Backroad (Jul-1999)
2) The Green-Eyed Hurricane (Jul-2000)
3) Massacre Island (Oct-2001)
4) Jackpot Bay (Nov-2002)

Award-Winning Books by Martin Hegwood

The Green-Eyed Hurricane
2001 Mississippi Authors Award -- Fiction