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    17 Books
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    January 1995
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    February 2025
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Book List in Order: 17 titles

  • Lynne Rae Perkins's first book, Home Lovely, was hailed by Kirkus as [a] book to read, share, and treasure. Now the gifted author-artist tells the story of Janet, who lives in a house on top of a big hill. Her parents think it's like living in the cl...

  • "Before last summer Maureen and I were best friends....At least I think we were. I don't know what happened exactly. As some people who get hit by trucks sometimes say,'I didn't see anything coming.'" When her best friend since the third grade starts...

  • There are times when hearing a familiar story -- even a story about how your mother fell and broke her arm when she was a little girl -- can be comforting. And so it was for Andy, and for his cat, Frank. Because the important thing is that injurie...

  • What does ittake to makesnow music?

    A boy and a girl.Neighbors.A squirrel, rabbit, deer, and bird. Also neighbors.A dog.Lost and then found.

    And snow falling. Peth.And melting. Drip.And falling again.Peth.Peth.Peth.

    You can ...

  • Snap!

    With their new cameras


    a brother and sister


    take pictures of their vacation.

    But when they look at their photographs they see:

    1. The back of Dad's head2. Feet3. A container of n...

  • She wished something would happen. Something good. To her. Checking her wish for loopholes, she found one. Hoping it wasn't too late, she thought the word soon. Meanwhile, in another part of town, he felt as if the world was opening. Life was r...

  • When Debbie gives Tina a cardboard piano, she is sure that Tina will love it. After all, Debbie spent a long time making it, and it looks just like a real piano. Now Tina can learn to play, too. It will be so amazing.

    But just because you ar...

  • Train. Car. Plane. Boat. Feet. He'll get there. Won't he?...

  • How far would you go for a friend? In Nuts to You, the funny and moving new novel by Newbery Medalist Lynne Rae Perkins, two squirrels go very far indeed to save a friend who has been snatched up by a hawk. Nuts to You is short, funny, and surprising...

  • Newbery Medalist and bestselling author Lynne Rae Perkins introduces a boy (Frank) and a dog (Lucky) in this celebratory, wry, and happily unconventional introduction to the subjects children encounter in school. This beautifully illustrated, humorou...

  • From Newbery Medalist Lynne Rae Perkins, this effervescent story introduces two sisters -- Alix and Jools -- and takes readers on an unforgettable journey to the beach. In the style of the author’s acclaimed Nuts to You, this joyful celebration...

  • This cozy, gently humorous, and irresistible holiday tale from Newbery Medalist and New York Times-bestselling author Lynne Rae Perkins features universal themes of friendship, community, empathy, and generosity. Wintercake is a great pick for story ...

  • Newbery Medalist Lynne Rae Perkins invites readers on an imagination-fueled journey through the living museum that surrounds us all. Luminous, in-the-moment, and full of wonder, The Museum of Everything inspires readers to slow down and appreciate th...

  • “A gem of a story. ” -- Booklist (starred review)“A marvelous heroic journey. ” -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)“A narrative centering family bonds and new experiences. ” -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)Newbery Medal winner Lynne R...

Award-Winning Books by Lynne Rae Perkins

All Alone in the Universe
2000 Children's Books of Distinction Award -- Fiction
Broken Cat
2003 Children's Books of Distinction Award -- Picture Book
Clouds for Dinner
1998 Children's Books of Distinction Award -- Picture Book
Criss Cross
2006 Newbery Medal -- Children's
2006 Parents Choice Award (Fall) (1998-2007) -- Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lynne Rae Perkins has published 17 books.

The next book by Lynne Rae Perkins, At Home in a Faraway Place, will be published in February 2025.

The first book by Lynne Rae Perkins, Home Lovely - Vermont Center, was published in January 1995.

No. Lynne Rae Perkins does not write books in series.