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    5 Books
  • First Book:
    June 1981
  • Latest Book:
    May 1983
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  • At 16, country-fresh, penniless Ceci Gramont was wooed, then scorned by the darkly handsome Lord Armin Sherlay. Now at twenty-six, a wealthy, titled widow, she's heir to the famed Chadbourne Luck at cards. It lasts only as long as its possessor ...

  • No one could be happier than Anthea Heberdeen when the dashing Titus, Earl of Vane, claimed her for his bride. But her dreams were shattered when heartache kept her husband from her side. Abandoned, Anthea seeks refuge in the theater. Here, she be...

  • Society gossips called Lady Charis de L'Isle the Mourning Bride and remarked on her devotion to a voting husband killed long ago. But they knew nothing of her pain. Death had cruelly taken her perfect love, and she felt mercifully numb, her heart fro...

  • Lady Christina hated the Ferrier name--yet it was her very own, a scar from her few fleeting hours of marriage to Charles Ferrier. She'd loved him truly, but his passion was for her money alone. When he died in a duel on the day of their elopement, s...

  • Dazzling, impetuous Damaris had loved Robert, the high-spirited partner of her girlhood, for as long as she could remember. But as passionately as she proclaimed her will to marry, nothing could convince her guardian, Robert's older brother Giles, th...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lucia Curzon has published 5 books.

Lucia Curzon does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Dashing Guardian, was published in May 1983.

The first book by Lucia Curzon, The Chadbourne Luck, was published in June 1981.

No. Lucia Curzon does not write books in series.