Book List in Order: 63 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Alpha Force

1) Alaskan Wolf (Dec-2010)
2) Guardian Wolf (Aug-2011)
2.5) Cougar's Conquest (Nov-2011)
3) Undercover Wolf (Feb-2013)
4) Untamed Wolf (May-2014)
5) Loyal Wolf (Aug-2014)
6) Protector Wolf (Jun-2017)
7) Visionary Wolf (Nov-2018)
Alpha Wolf (Jan-2009)

A Barkery & Biscuits Mystery

1) Bite the Biscuit (May-2015)
2) To Catch a Treat (May-2016)
3) Bad to the Bone (May-2017)
4) Pick & Chews (May-2018)
5) For a Good Paws (May-2019)

K-9 Ranch Rescue

1) Second Chance Soldier (Mar-2018)
2) Trained to Protect (Oct-2018)

A Kendra Ballantyne, Pet Sitter Mystery

1) Sit, Stay, Slay (Feb-2005)
2) Nothing to Fear But Ferrets (Aug-2005)
3) Fine-Feathered Death (May-2006)
4) Meow is for Murder (Feb-2007)
5) The Fright of the Iguana (Oct-2007)
6) Double Dog Dare (Jun-2008)
7) Never Say Sty (Apr-2009)
8) Howl Deadly (Dec-2009)
9) Feline Fatale (Jul-2010)

A Pet Rescue Mystery

1) Beaglemania (Mar-2011)
2) The More the Terrier (Oct-2011)
3) Hounds Abound (Apr-2012)
4) Oodles of Poodles (Feb-2013)
4.5) Nonstop Spaniels (Jun-2013)
5) Teacup Turbulence (Jan-2014)

Shelter of Secrets

1) Her Undercover Refuge (Aug-2021)
2) Guardian K-9 on Call (May-2022)

A Superstition Mystery

1) Lost Under a Ladder (Oct-2014)
2) Knock on Wood (Oct-2015)
3) Unlucky Charms (Oct-2016)

Multi-Author Series List

Bachelors At Large

Guardian of Her Heart (Feb-2004)

Colorado Confidential

8) Special Agent Nanny (Sep-2003)

Colton 911

5) Caught in the Crossfire (Nov-2019)

The Coltons

Uncovering Colton's Family Secret (Nov-2021)
99) Caught in the Crossfire (Nov-2019)
105) Colton First Responder (Feb-2020)

The Coltons of Mustang Valley

4) Colton First Responder (Feb-2020)

The Coltons of Grave Gulch

10) Uncovering Colton's Family Secret (Nov-2021)

The Coltons of Colorado

10) Shielding Colton's Witness (Nov-2022)

Shotgun Sallys

Lawful Engagement (Jul-2004)