Leah comes from a long line of storytellers, so she finds writing comes to her as naturally as breathing. As well as her medical romances, she has written and published short stories. She insists her characters must have a sense of humor!

English was her favorite subject at school and the end-of-year book prize was to be cherished, read, and re-read during the long, hot, summer holidays.

Her home is in rural Australia and the unique qualities of the bush are reflected in her writing. Living in an area rich in history, she finds walking heritage trails a fascinating pastime. Her special delight is her garden. She describes it as a wilderness of Australian native trees and shrubs, attracting bird life in large numbers.

Research for her stories is a constant challenge, and she meets it by traveling frequently to new locations, gathering background and atmosphere for new and interesting scenarios. For plots and possibilities, she bounces ideas off her husband on their early morning walks.

She loves vacationing on Queensland’s Gold Coast with accompanying trips to the casino. Browsing in bookshops is high on her list of enjoyable things to do. Consequently, each year around Christmas, she breaks the budget, buying an armful of new releases to read over the holidays.

Book List in Order: 22 titles