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    5 Books - 1 Series
  • First Book:
    October 2016
  • Latest Book:
    January 2020
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Full Series List in Order

Darkside Seattle

1 - Street Doc (Oct-2016)
2 - Fixer (Jun-2017)
3 - Mechanic (Jan-2018)

Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • On the run for a crime he committed, Hideo has onlythe shirt on his back and memories of a beautiful wife,a great job, and an exclusive view from his bedroom.The once-respected surgeon has to learn to live on thestreets of Darkside Seattle, a place n...

  • Victoria Godhand, the unflinching chief negotiator for her father's megacorp, wants a lot of things. Respect tops the list. Ross Lynch, her father's hand-picked successor and the company's COO, also wants a lot of things. Victoria top...

  • Isabella Acosta has lived in the barrio half of the Darkside her entire life. No cops, no laws, no way out.Respected for surviving so long, she keeps her head down and doesn't make waves. Until someone puts a gun to her nephew's head. She'll do anyth...

  • For a decade, Trayvon has toiled at one all-consuming task--revenge. The corporations responsible for ruining his life will pay, even if he has to roll his wheelchair over the corpses of their CEOs. But brute force won't work for him and his useless ...

  • David Martin used to have a job he liked as a security guard. Godhand International used to treat him well. His wife used to care about him.The fallout from one snap decision keeps punching him in the face.When his only option to pay rent sounds dodg...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

L.E. French has published 5 books.

L.E. French does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Meat, was published in January 2020.

The first book by L.E. French, Street Doc, was published in October 2016.

Yes. L.E. French has 1 series.