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  • Thanks to the accidental triggering of an ancient alien technology, Captain Kirk has been banished to his own past. During a brutal massacre on Tarsus IV, Kodos the Executioner entered the history books as one of the most genocidal tyrants of the twe...

  • The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is exploring the seemingly peaceful and uninhabited world of M-3107 when a bizarre and inexplicable transporter accident causes both Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy to vanish completely. Transporter records suggest that t...

  • Capt. James T. Kirk's historic voyages have seldom been recorded from the vantage point of those who served "below deck" on the Starship Enterprise NU-1701. This new trilogy reveals the courage and dedication of the men and women who constitute Kirk'...

  • Captain Kirk's latest voyage has brought him far into the final frontier. His new mission: to help a determined band of pioneers colonize a harsh and unforgiving world, defend the vulnerable settlers from the constant threat of alien invasion, and pr...

  • There's a bar called "The Captain's Table," where those who have commanded mighty vessels of every shape and era can meet, relax, and share a friendly drink or two with others of their calling. Sometimes a brawl may break out but it's all in the fami...

  • All Klingons revere the Day of Honor, their most sacred holiday, but the true nature of honor can be a matter worth fighting over.... Dispatched on a secret mission to investigate the raids, Commander Worf of Deep Space Nine and the crew of the De...

  • Millenia ago, an apocalyptic battle was fought in the Alpha Quadrant. The losers were banished, but what became of the victors? The Federation is threatened by this ancient mystery when a battered and broken version of the Defiant is found, frozen...

  • On a business trip to Pittsburgh, detective Matthew Sikes and his Newcomer partner, George Francisco, stumble on what appears to be an unusual homicide. It isn't long before the case leads them to a frightening world of abuse and violence that set in...

  • More than any other television show, more than any other motion picture series, Star Trek has for nearly thirty years been the most popular space adventure of all time. Now STAR TREK:VOYAGER joins Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star T...

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    While on the U.S.S. Excelsior, Captain Sulu receives top priority orders to proceed by shuttlecraft to Starbase Three. He is to act as the Federation's envoy to a historic peace ceremony between the Krikiki and the Den-Kai -- the two dominant, warr...

  • IT BEGAN WITH THE LOST YEARS, the long-awaited story of what happened to Captain Kirk and the legendary crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise when their original five-year mission ended. Now, it is more than a year later, and Kirk and his crew have settled i...

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Novel #30 Debtor's Planet When a Vulcan space probe reports that the Ferengi are advancing the people of the planet Megara from a primitive agricultural state to a sophisticated technological society, Captain Jean-Luc...

  • The disappearance of Andorian scientific genius Muav Haslev fuels tensions between the Orions and Andorians--tensions that come dangerously close to full scale war. Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM are called to Starbase Sigma 1, ...

  • Sent to the icebound planet of Nordstral to investigate a mysterious outbreak of insanity, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise TM find themselves drawn into another, even deadlier mystery upon their arrival. A team of research scientists has disappeare...

Complete Series List in Order

Day of Honor

2) Armageddon Sky (Sep-1997)

Janus Gate

1) Present Tense (Jun-2002)
2) Future Imperfect (May-2002)
3) Past Prologue (Jul-2002)

Multi-Author Series List

Alien Nation

7) Extreme Prejudice (Mar-1995)

Star Trek

Ice Trap (Jul-1992)
Death Count (Nov-1992)
Firestorm (Jan-1994)
Traitor Winds (Jun-1994)
Envoy (1995)
Caretaker (Feb-1995)
Time's Enemy (Jul-1996)
Armageddon Sky (Sep-1997)
War Dragons (Jun-1998)
New Earth: Rough Trails (Jul-2000)
Future Imperfect (May-2002)
Present Tense (Jun-2002)
Past Prologue (Jul-2002)

Star Trek: Captain Sulu Adventures

3) Envoy (1995)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Armageddon Sky (Sep-1997)
16) Time's Enemy (Jul-1996)

Star Trek: The Captain's Table

1) War Dragons (Jun-1998)

Star Trek: The Original Series

60) Ice Trap (Jul-1992)
62) Death Count (Nov-1992)
68) Firestorm (Jan-1994)
70) Traitor Winds (Jun-1994)
91) New Earth: Rough Trails (Jul-2000)

Star Trek: Voyager

1) Caretaker (Feb-1995)