After seven years of starts and stops, Kristi Gold saw the release of her first book, Cowboy for Keeps, in 2000 and has since written over twenty-five Harlequin and Silhouette books. A classic seat-of-the-pants author, she attributes her ability to write quickly to a burning need to see how the story ends. Kristi has found inspiration for her books in a variety of places - from hot air balloon races to song lyrics - but composing stories that focus on the joy of falling in love is always her goal. She firmly believes that perseverance, some luck, a sense of humor and a continued love of the craft leads to success.

On the non-writing front, Kristi is an avid baseball fan, a Tex-Mex foodaholic, a quotations junkie and a beach bum wannabe. Her dream vacation involves spending a summer in an Italian villa on the Amalfi coast, and her eclectic taste in music runs from classical to country, and everything in between. Kristi currently resides in Central Texas with her retired physician husband, her three dogs and the occasional guest in the form of one of her three grown children.

Book List in Order: 44 titles