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    7 Books
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    March 1992
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    November 1997
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  • A Match Made In . . . If she agreed to suffer one insipid season in radon society, Trista Fitzgerald would be free to urn to her beloved countryside--that was the deal e had made with her father. Then the infamous "Boudoir Murderer" frightened her...

  • It Seemed Impossible. At first sight, schoolteacher Elizabeth Burbridge knew Lord Alec Sinclair was the man of her dreams--her wicked, heathen dreams such as dedicated educators were not supposed to have! His sensuality threatened her every moral ...

  • Fool for Love Jace McAllister had hands with, sin in their touch. And Phoebe Sinclair--for shame!--wanted those hands all over her. That the man was obviously an outlaw mattered little, for Phoebe was having the time of her life among these wild A...

  • What She Didn't Know About Her Husband... Celinaire Tremaine had married a kindly invalid. But when her husband ignited a passion hotter than flame within her, she began to wonder about the man she'd come to love. As a former spy, Kristoffe Wil...

  • TROPICAL NIGHTS Man-beast, the islanders called Oliver Keane. Big, brash and powerful, Alexa Fairfield could sense his aura of danger. And was drawn to him despite it. For he was the one man who could help her expose a murderous secret --- and make ...

  • Nowhere to Run What strange twist of fate had led Rance Logan to a woman widowed by his own hand? He'd been trying to escape the past, only to run smack into it again in the form of Jessica Wynne, a fragile beauty with a spirit of steel-a woman mu...

  • Tomboy Willie Thorne Had the Face of an Angel Despite the fact that she could outdrink and outshoot most of the men in the Colorado Territory. And Sloan Devlin was damned if she wasn't the closest thing to Paradise he'd seen in a long time. Wilh...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kit Gardner has published 7 books.

Kit Gardner does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Untamed Heart, was published in November 1997.

The first book by Kit Gardner, Arabesque, was published in March 1992.

No. Kit Gardner does not write books in series.