Book List in Order: 7 titles

Complete Series List in Order

American Girl: Tenney Grant

1) Tenney (Feb-2017)
2) The Key of Friendship (Feb-2017)
3) Tenney Shares the Stage (Apr-2017)
4) A Song for the Season (Oct-2017)

American Girl: Courtney

1) Courtney Changes the Game (Oct-2020)
2) Courtney Book 2 (Feb-2021)

Multi-Author Series List

The American Girls Collection

Lea and Camila (Mar-2016)
Tenney (Feb-2017)
The Key of Friendship (Feb-2017)
Tenney Shares the Stage (Apr-2017)
A Song for the Season (Oct-2017)
Courtney Changes the Game (Oct-2020)
Courtney Book 2 (Feb-2021)