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    August 2005
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    February 2017
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Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • A vivid and revelatory novel based on actual events of the 1847 Oregon migration, A Sudden Country follows two characters of remarkable complexity and strength in a journey of survival and redemption.

    James MacLaren, once a resourceful and amb...

  • A 14-year-old girl has to move to a new town. She has to start a new school, and make new friends. Her father happens to be a teacher at the same school. Any time something goes wrong, he finds out about it before she can explain.


  • A small boy and girl lose their parents at a young age. They are sent back east to live with their old Aunt Effie. She feels like she has been put upon and doesn’t want them there. After eight long years of her meddling and trying to run his life t...

  • A preacher and his wife take in an orphan off the street. They already have five children at home. What would it matter for one more to join the happy group? What more mischief could this child get into?...

  • Mac McNicol is passing through a small mining town in 1866 Colorado when he is attacked by a vampire and forced to join a gang of outlaw vampires hidden in the Rocky Mountains. Over the next two centuries he must draw upon all his courage and the st...

  • : A preacher and his wife take in an orphan they found living on the streets. With five children at home already they certainly have their hands full. They were thinking what would it matter for one more to join their happy group? This child is a bit...

  • A young girl is sent to a boarding school. She doesn’t want to go at first but she meets children her own age and becomes such good friends that she discovers she likes it better at the school than at home. Being on the mischievous side she gets in...

Award-Winning Books by Karen Fisher

A Sudden Country
2006 Reading the West -- Fiction
2006 Washington State Book Award -- Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Karen Fisher has published 7 books.

Karen Fisher does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Start Traveling, was published in February 2017.

The first book by Karen Fisher, A Sudden Country, was published in August 2005.

No. Karen Fisher does not write books in series.