Book List in Order: 89 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Accidental Billionaires

1) Ensnared (Oct-2018)
2) Entangled (Apr-2019)
3) Enamored (Oct-2019)
4) Enchanted (May-2020)
5) Endeared (Oct-2020)

Big Girls and Bad Boys

1) The Curve Ball (May-2012)
2) The Beast Loves Curves (May-2012)
3) Curves By Design (Jun-2012)
12) The Billionaire's Christmas Virgin (Dec-2016)

Billionaire's Obsession

0.1) Mine For Tonight (Mar-2013)
0.2) Mine For Now (Mar-2013)
0.3) Mine Forever (Mar-2013)
0.4) Mine Completely (Mar-2013)
0.5) Mine For Christmas (Sep-2014)
1) The Billionaire's Obsession (Dec-2013)
2) Heart of the Billionaire (May-2013)
3) The Billionaire's Salvation (Sep-2013)
4) The Billionaire's Game (Feb-2014)
5) Billionaire Undone (May-2014)
6) Billionaire Unmasked (Jul-2014)
7) Billionaire Untamed (Jan-2015)
8) Billionaire Unbound (Nov-2015)
9) Billionaire Undaunted (Jun-2016)
9.5) The Billionaire's Christmas Virgin: Blake (Dec-2016)
10) Billionaire Unknown (Dec-2016)
11) Billionaire Unveiled (Jul-2017)
12) Billionaire Unloved (Feb-2018)
13) Billionaire Unchallenged (Aug-2018)
14) Billionaire Unattainable (Aug-2019)
15) Billionaire Undercover ~ Hudson (Jul-2020)
16) Billionaire Unexpected ~ Jax (Mar-2021)
17) Billionaire Unnoticed ~ Cooper (Dec-2021)
18) Billionaire Unclaimed ~ Chase (Dec-2022)

The British Billionaires

1) Tell Me You're Mine (Aug-2020)
2) Tell Me I'm Yours (Jun-2021)
3) Tell Me This Is Forever (Feb-2022)

California Billionaires

1) Billionaire Undercover ~ Hudson (Jul-2020)
2) Billionaire Unexpected ~ Jax (Mar-2021)
3) Billionaire Unnoticed ~ Cooper (Dec-2021)
4) Billionaire Unclaimed ~ Chase (Dec-2022)

Changeling Encounters

1) Mate Of The Werewolf (May-2012)
2) The Dangers Of Adopting A Werewolf (May-2012)
3) All I Want For Christmas Is A Werewolf (Dec-2012)

A Dark Horse Novel

1) Bound (Jan-2017)
2) Hacked (May-2017)

The Demon Sentinels

1) The Dangerous Bargain (Jun-2013)
2) A Dangerous Hunger (Mar-2014)
3) A Dangerous Fury (Jul-2015)
4) A Dangerous Demon King (Aug-2016)

The Pleasure Of His Punishment

1) The Billionaire Next Door (May-2012)
2) The Millionaire And The Librarian (Apr-2012)
3) Riding With The Cop (Apr-2012)
4) Secret Desires Of The Counselor (May-2012)
5) In Trouble With The Boss (Apr-2012)
6) Rough Ride With A Cowboy (Apr-2012)
7) Rough Day For The Teacher (Apr-2012)
8) A Forfeit For A Cowboy (Apr-2012)
9) Just What The Doctor Ordered (Apr-2012)
10) Wicked Romance Of A Vampire (Apr-2012)


0.1) One Night with a Billionaire (Oct-2013)
0.2) One Night with a Billionaire (Aug-2014)
1) The Billionaire's Christmas (Oct-2014)
2) No Ordinary Billionaire (Mar-2015)
3) The Forbidden Billionaire (Aug-2015)
4) The Billionaire's Touch (Mar-2016)
5) Billionaire's Voice (Sep-2016)
6) The Billionaire Takes All (Mar-2017)
7) The Billionaire's Secrets (Nov-2017)
7.5) The Virgin Auction (Jan-2018)
8) Only a Millionaire (Jun-2018)

The Vampire Coalition

1) Ethan's Mate (May-2012)
2) Rory's Mate (May-2012)
3) Nathan's Mate (Jun-2012)
4) Liam's Mate (Aug-2012)
5) Daric's Mate (Feb-2013)
6) The Rough Mating of a Vampire (Apr-2012)

The Walker Brothers

1) Release! (Mar-2016)
2) Player! (Dec-2016)
3) Damaged! (Oct-2017)

Washington Billionaires

1) Billionaire Unloved (Feb-2018)
1.5) Billionaire Unwed~Zeke (Jan-2021)
2) Billionaire Unchallenged (Aug-2018)
3) Billionaire Unattainable (Aug-2019)

Multi-Author Series List

Left at the Altar

1) Temporary Groom (Jun-2018)

Taken by a Trillionaire

1) Prince Bryan (Oct-2018)
5) Virgin For The Prince (Jun-2017)