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    15 Books (3 Series)
  • First Book:
    August 1980
  • Latest Book:
    September 2020
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Full Series List in Order

163rd Street Trilogy

The Gift-Giver (Aug-1980)
One True Friend (Nov-2005)
Yellow Bird and Me (Nov-2005)

Black Pioneers

Home Is With Our Family (Dec-2010)

Obi and Easter

Which Way Freedom? (Jan-1992)
Out From This Place (Mar-2013)

Multi-Author Series List

Dear America

I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy, a Freed Girl, Mars Bluff, South Carolina, 1865 (Oct-1997)

Book List in Order: 15 titles

  • The year she is in fifth grade, Doris meets a special friend in her Bronx neighborhood....

  • Obi had never forgotten the sounds of his mother's screams on the day he was sold away from her. Making plans to run away to find her was a secret game he played with friend Buka, an old African who lived at the edge of the farm.

    When the Civil War...

  • In a novel based on a true story of an African-born slave in the early nineteenth century, Kofi Kwame Paul's extraordinary life extends from his native village, to a New England town, and back to Africa....

  • Sunday, August 20, 1865 Dear Friend, The children were so happy to see me this morning. They ran over when I reached the arbor. I felt as though my soul would rise and fly, as our song says. We walked together to the spinning house. I will ca...

  • Amir has finally landed in a good place. His new foster parents, the Smiths, are loving and kind, and he has been reunited with his youngest brother, whom the Smiths have raised since babyhood. Amir knows he should be happy, but he is uncomfortable a...

  • In a sequel to THE GIFT-GIVER, Doris reluctantly starts helping Yellow Bird, the class clown, with his reading problem. To her surprise, Doris finds that in caring for and helping Bird, she develops a new friend....

  • Marcus walked into Langston High School that morning determined to turn his life around. Hed stay in school all day, go to his classes and he had no pot to sell. Finally, he understood the warnings from his grandmother, his mother and his girl...

  • MARIA PETERS is looking forward to turning thirteen. She imagines enjoying new adult prestige and responsibility, such as attending abolitionist meetings and listening to inspiring speakers like Sojourner Truth. She doesn't bank on all the unexpected...

  • Living in the past . . . When Obi left South Carolina, he was a runaway slave. Five years later, in 1866, he has returned as a freed man and a Union Army officer, determined to find the only family he has ever known: his beloved Easter and Jason,...

  • After their daring run for freedom, Obi and Easter were separated in the confusion of the Civil War. But now that the war is over and the slaves are free, Easter sets out to find her old friend and take control of her life, in the powerful sequel to ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Joyce Hansen has published 15 books.

Joyce Hansen does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Black Pioneers #3, was published in September 2020.

The first book by Joyce Hansen, The Gift-Giver, was published in August 1980.

Yes. Joyce Hansen has 3 series.