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    9 Books
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    July 2010
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    September 2020
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  • All Nate and Sara want is a new life in a new town, away from the crime and poverty of their past. So, after being approached at a roadside diner by a man offering $500 for a ride to Omaha, they wonder if their luck might be changing. At first it se...

  • Jake Reese is a writing teacher at an American university. He lives in a small brick Tudor close to campus with his art buyer wife, Diane. His life is quiet--even ordinary. And he likes it that way. But it wasn’t always quiet. In Jake’s distant p...

  • In this gritty noir novel, John Rector weaves an intensely sinister tale. Dexter McCray is a farmer with a dark past that continues to haunt him. As a man struggling with alcoholism, he's used to being looked at with pity and suspicion in his communi...

  • To keep the light of his life, he’ll have to do some dark things. After Matt Caine loses his wife in a car accident, all he has left is his daughter, Anna. But just as the little girl -- who survived the accident -- finally starts thriving, Mat...

  • Nick White is the only person who can save Abigail Pierce. After uncovering a plot to have her killed, he attempts to warn her but instead puts himself squarely in the crosshairs. They know who he is, they know where he lives, they know how to get at...

  • Fresh out of college, Evan has everything going for him: a good job, a beautiful fiancée, and the prospect of making partner at his firm. Then one night, with one bad decision, his dream life turns into a nightmare of cover-ups and lies. It begins a...

  • With its manicured lawns, pastel houses, and quiet, tree-lined streets, Willow Ridge seems to be the perfect place for Megan and Tyler Stokes to start a new chapter in their lives together. But soon after settling in, Megan begins to notice cracks in...

  • Trust becomes a fatal mistake in this shocking thriller by the bestselling author of The Ridge.

    Welcome to Beaumont Cove, a slowly decaying tourist town at the edge of the world, and the place where Maggie James’s worst fears for her estr...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

John Rector has published 9 books.

John Rector does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Broken, was published in September 2020.

The first book by John Rector, The Cold Kiss, was published in July 2010.

No. John Rector does not write books in series.