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    January 2014
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    August 2018
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  • Rudely awakened by a deadly home invasion, Dakota is thrust into a country at war. Realizing her home is compromised; Dakota is forced to make a long trek from the city of Minneapolis to the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains in order to survive. As Dakota trie...

  • Would you defend yourself if someone attacked you? Would you kill them? What if you knew they’d stop at nothing to kill you? Would you kill them then? What if that someone was your own mother? Would that make a difference; should it? Tiffany is a s...

  • It only takes a spark to ignite an inferno.

    In a world where fears stem from catastrophes and terrorism, America faces its biggest challenge yet. Discord and apprehension are pushed to the extreme as ancient prophecies approach fruition.

  • When a mysterious friend reappears in the lives of cousins Hannah and Jenna, a haunting past is revived. Tragic loss and prejudices lead to a search for answers about ancient myths that thrive in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State. Does moder...

  • For cousins Jenna and Hannah, life is anything but ordinary. When Jenna loses her parents in a tragic accident, their lives in Washington’s Snoqualmie Valley change in unexpected ways. Despite the changes, Jenna still finds love with a mysterious y...

  • Boris, a stray kitten rescued from the city streets, finds his forever home on the farm of his dreams!

    There, with his sassy older sister, Olga, they explore the farmstead and all it has to offer. Through the antics and adventures of these t...

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    Fino a dove sareste disposti ad arrivare per difendere voi stessi . . . dalla vostra stessa madre?Tiffany è una ragazza di diciassette anni incastrata in una lotta per l’esistenza. Mentre cerca di reclamare il proprio diritto alla vita e...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

J.M. Northup has published 7 books.

J.M. Northup does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, FELINE FASCINATIONS, was published in August 2018.

The first book by J.M. Northup, Fears of Darkness, was published in January 2014.

No. J.M. Northup does not write books in series.