Jessica St. James

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    Contemporary Romance


    Silhouette Special Edition - 631

    Romantic Irishman O'Rourke Callahan's courtship had been blindingly swift, utterly incendiary. yet attorney Kate had believed in love, had trusted they'd be bound forever. Then, as suddenly as it crystallized, her innocent dream shattered. Her brand-...

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    Contemporary Romance


    Silhouette Special Edition - 603

    LaRue Tate was one angry cowgirl. How dare government man J. B. Rafferty ride into town, expecting to walk away with her land? In the Old West, pistols settled differences, but in modern times pointed words would have to do. So when LaRue faced Raffe...

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    Contemporary Romance


    Silhouette Special Edition - 561

    When it came to romance, city girl Hannah Grant had very specific standards. Her job--editing love stories--fostered her vision of the ideal mate. He would be aristocratically handsome, intelligent, incredibly sensitive .... Then raucous Kansas cowbo...

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