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    40 Books (4 Series)
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    April 2002
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    March 2021
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About the Author

Jessica S. Andersen was born in 1973, she has lived in New England all her life, growing up in Massachusetts, and today she lives in a smal farm in eastern Conneticut with her own personal hero, Brian, as well as the corgis, two cats and a handful of young horses, who she claims are investments but never seem to get sold.

She obtained a PhD in Genetics, but when she finally settles on a single career, she will have been many things: a doctor of molecular genetics, a patent agent, a freelance editor, a professional horse trainer and riding coach, a fiancée and the proud owner of a pair of corgis. But if you ask her who she is, Jessica will say, "I'm a writer. The rest is all background research."

Full Series List in Order

Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab

1 - Ricochet (Jan-2006)
2 - At Close Range (Apr-2006)
3 - Rapid Fire (Jul-2006)
4 - Manhunt In The Wild West (Oct-2008)
5 - Mountain Investigation (Jul-2009)
6 - Internal Affairs (Oct-2009)
7 - Bear Claw Conspiracy (May-2011)
8 - Bear Claw Bodyguard (Dec-2011)
9 - Bear Claw Lawman (Jul-2012)

Boston General

1 - Dr. Bodyguard (Oct-2003)
2 - Secret Witness (Mar-2004)
3 - Intensive Care (Aug-2004)
4 - Body Search (Dec-2004)
5 - Covert M.D. (Mar-2005)
6 - The Sheriff's Daughter (Jun-2005)

Dolphin Friendly

1 - Dolphin Friendly (Feb-2003)
2 - Seal With a Kiss (Dec-2003)

The Final Prophecy

1 - Night Keepers (Jun-2008)
2 - Dawn Keepers (Jan-2009)
3 - Sky Keepers (Aug-2009)
4 - Demon Keepers (Apr-2010)
5 - Blood Spells (Nov-2010)
5.1 - Crystal Skull (Feb-2011)
6 - Storm Kissed (Jun-2011)
7 - Magic Unchained (Apr-2012)
8 - Spellfire (Nov-2012)

Multi-Author Series List

Big Sky Bounty Hunters

Bullseye (Sep-2005)

Bodyguards Unlimited

Classified Baby (Aug-2007)

The Curse of Ravens Cliff

2 - With The M.D....At The Altar? (Jun-2008)

Kenner County Crime Unit

Snowed In With The Boss (Mar-2009)

Lights Out

Meet Me At Midnight (Sep-2007)

Royal House of Shadows

3 - Lord of the Wolfyn (Nov-2011)


3 - Twin Targets (May-2008)

Book List in Order: 40 titles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jessica Andersen has published 40 books.

Jessica Andersen does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, On the Hunt, was published in March 2021.

The first book by Jessica Andersen, The Stable Affair, was published in April 2002.

Yes. Jessica Andersen has 4 series.