Jessica S. Andersen was born in 1973, she has lived in New England all her life, growing up in Massachusetts, and today she lives in a smal farm in eastern Conneticut with her own personal hero, Brian, as well as the corgis, two cats and a handful of young horses, who she claims are investments but never seem to get sold.

She obtained a PhD in Genetics, but when she finally settles on a single career, she will have been many things: a doctor of molecular genetics, a patent agent, a freelance editor, a professional horse trainer and riding coach, a fiancée and the proud owner of a pair of corgis. But if you ask her who she is, Jessica will say, "I'm a writer. The rest is all background research."

Book List in Order: 39 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab

1) Ricochet (Jan-2006)
2) At Close Range (Apr-2006)
3) Rapid Fire (Jul-2006)
4) Manhunt In The Wild West (Oct-2008)
5) Mountain Investigation (Jul-2009)
6) Internal Affairs (Oct-2009)
7) Bear Claw Conspiracy (May-2011)
8) Bear Claw Bodyguard (Dec-2011)
9) Bear Claw Lawman (Jul-2012)

Boston General

1) Dr. Bodyguard (Oct-2003)
2) Secret Witness (Mar-2004)
3) Intensive Care (Aug-2004)
4) Body Search (Dec-2004)
5) Covert M.D. (Mar-2005)
6) The Sheriff's Daughter (Jun-2005)

Dolphin Friendly

1) Dolphin Friendly (Feb-2003)
2) Seal With a Kiss (Dec-2003)

The Final Prophecy

1) Night Keepers (Jun-2008)
2) Dawn Keepers (Jan-2009)
3) Sky Keepers (Aug-2009)
4) Demon Keepers (Apr-2010)
5) Blood Spells (Nov-2010)
5.1) Crystal Skull (Feb-2011)
6) Storm Kissed (Jun-2011)
7) Magic Unchained (Apr-2012)
8) Spellfire (Nov-2012)

Multi-Author Series List

Big Sky Bounty Hunters

Bullseye (Sep-2005)

Bodyguards Unlimited

Classified Baby (Aug-2007)

The Curse of Ravens Cliff

2) With The M.D....At The Altar? (Jun-2008)

Kenner County Crime Unit

Snowed In With The Boss (Mar-2009)

Lights Out

Meet Me At Midnight (Sep-2007)

Royal House of Shadows

3) Lord of the Wolfyn (Nov-2011)


Twin Targets (May-2008)