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    38 Books (6 Series)
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    October 1982
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    August 2021
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Full Series List in Order

The Bathwater Gang

The Bathwater Gang (May-1990)
The Bathwater Gang Gets Down to Business (Dec-1992)

Fourth Grade Rats

1 - Third Grade Angels (Sep-2012)
2 - Fourth Grade Rats (Jan-1991)

School Daze

1 - Who Ran My Underwear Up the Flagpole? (Mar-1992)
2 - Report to the Principal's Office (Oct-1992)

Space Station Seventh Grade

1 - Space Station Seventh Grade (Oct-1982)
2 - Jason and Marceline (Apr-2000)


1 - Stargirl (Aug-2000)
2 - Love, Stargirl (Aug-2007)

Tooter Tale

1 - Tooter Pepperday (Apr-1995)
2 - Blue Ribbon Blues (Feb-1998)

Book List in Order: 38 titles

  • For Jason, junior high school has its ups and downs. But this is the funniest, truest, and best book about turning into a teenager you'll find. Really....

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    Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush? Sibling rivalry at its finest! Whether it's on the hockey ice, at school, or at home, Greg and Megin just can't seem to get along. She calls him Grosso, he calls her Megamouth. They battle with donuts, cockroaches,...

  • Jeffrey Lionel "Maniac" Magee might have lived a normal life if a trolley accident hadn't made him an orphan. After living with his unhappy and uptight aunt and uncle for eight years, he decides to run -- and not just run away, but run. And this is w...

  • Bertie's all-girl gang becomes involved in a harmless but heartfelt war with an all-boy gang, until Bertie's grandmother steps in with a perfect solution....

  • Fourth graders are tough. They aren't afraid of spiders. They say no to their moms. They push first graders off the swings. And they never, ever cry. Suds knows that now that he's in fourth grade, he's supposed to be a rat. But whenever he tries to...

  • Eric's smile is so dazzling, Maisie is willing to do anything to be near him -- even join the school wrestling team. But she is astonished at the avalanche of hostile opinion she provokes, in and out of school. Is Eric worth it? Not if he keeps datin...

  • It’s football season at Plumstead Middle School, and everything is up in the air. Sunny has become a cheerleader -- the first ever to wear a frown and beat up fans who refuse to cheer. Eddie has gone out for football to prove that he's grown up de...

  • Eddie Mott has a problem. He is completely and hopelessly in love with his friend Sunny . . . and he's way too wimpy to tell her. But the school dance is approaching quickly and Eddie knows it's time to act. He has to find a way to make Sunny notice...

  • Introducing: Sunny, despite her name, is a grump, determined to hate everything and everyone at Plumstead Middle School. Eddie is a wimp, hoping against hope to survive in a new school. Salem is a writer, trying to make every episode of her ...

  • Plumstead Middle School is full of secret plans. Eddie is on a mission to bulk up -- he's sick of being the scrawniest, skinniest, runtiest kid in school. Sunny is plotting something that will keep the school bullies from ever bothering her again....

  • A charming rural romp chapter book from Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli. And don't miss the author's highly anticipated new middle grade novel, Dead Wednesday! The Pepperday family is moving to Aunt Sally’s farm. Mr. Pepperday, Mrs. Pepperday, an...

  • Everybody knows Crash Coogan, seventh-grade football sensation. He's been mowing down everything in his path since the time he could walk -- and Penn Webb, his dweeby, vegetable-eating neighbor, is his favorite target. After all, Webb's not just a ne...

  • WHO KNOWS WHAT IT WILL MAKE YOU DO.... When Mongoose finds a blue library card hidden among the candy he's shoplifted, his friend Weasel tosses the card away. But the card comes back. Brenda, a television addict, must endure the Great TV Turn-Off...

  • The pigeon's eye is like a polished shirt button. The pigeon's eye is orange with a smaller black button in the center. It looks up at him. It does not blink. It seems as if the bird is about to speak, but it does not. Only the voices speak: "Wring i...

  • Ever since her family moved to Aunt Sally's farm, Tooter's known that farm life is definitely not for her. There's no pizzeria  for miles, her nearest neighbor is a dumb boy, and even her own pet chicken hates her! So Tooter decides to show...

  • Jason and Marceline have been friends since the end of seventh grade. Now in ninth grade, Jason's starting to think that they could be more than friends, and Marceline's starting to think so, too. But does the beginning of romance mean the end of the...

  • Stargirl. From the day she arrives at quiet Mica High, the hallways hum with the murmur of "Stargirl, Stargirl." She captures Leo Borlock's heart with just one smile. She sparks a school-spirit revolution with just one cheer. The students of Mica Hig...

  • He's a boy called Jew. Gypsy. Stopthief. Filthy son of Abraham. He's a boy who lives in the streets of Warsaw. He's a boy who steals food for himself, and the other orphans. He's a boy who believes in bread, and mothers, and angels. He's a boy ...

  • From renowned Newbery-winning author Jerry Spinelli comes a powerful story about how not fitting in just might lead to an incredible life. This classic book is perfect for fans of Gordon Korman and Carl Hiaasen. Just like other kids, Zinkof...

  • This classic collection includes four of Newbery Award-winning author Jerry Spinelli's most popular books: his very first novel, Space Station Seventh Grade, about the trials and tribulations of junior high (pimples, football, hair, school dances, an...

  • This Father's Day show dad how much you care with this gift-book celebrating the moments you share!
    I can't wait for my daddy to come home from work. There are so many things to do!

    In a loving tribute to fathers and sons, Newbery Med...

  • Nine-year-old David has recently lost his mother to a freak accident, his salesman father is constantly on the road, and he is letting his anger out on his grandmother. Sarcastic and bossy 13-year-old Primrose lives with her childlike, fortuneteller ...

  • LOVE, STARGIRL picks up a year after Stargirl ends and reveals the new life of the beloved character who moved away so suddenly at the end of Stargirl. The novel takes the form of "the world's longest letter," in diary form, going from date to date t...

  • Ninth grader Will Tuppence is in control. He plans everything obsessively, from the perfect stargazing night with his crush, Mi-Su, to the regular Saturday-night games of Monopoly with his friends. He's even planned his entire adulthood: career as...

  • When I grow up, what shall I be? This exuberant book offers up everything from a paper plane folder to a puppy dog holder, from a silly joke teller to a snowball smoother. Newbery-Award winning author Jerry Spinelli's simple and charming rhyme...

  • This is a story about me, Lily. And me, Jake. We're twins and we're exactly alike. Not exactly! Whatever. This is a book we wrote about the summer we turned eleven and Jake ditched me. Please. I just started hanging out with some guys in the nei...

  • The long-awaited prequel to the bestseller FOURTH GRADE RATS George, aka "Suds," has just entered third grade, and he's heard the rhyme about "first grade babies/second grade cats/third grade angels/fourth grade rats," but what does this mean for ...

  • Welcome to Hokey Pokey. A place and a time, when childhood is at its best: games to play, bikes to ride, experiences to be had. There are no adults in Hokey Pokey, just kids, and the laws governing Hokey Pokey are simple and finite. But when one of t...

  • Without even thinking about it, Mama Seeton puckered her lips and whistled. It was not a loud whistle. Or a fancy whistle. Just a simple two-note whistle. When Mama Seeton whistles, her children run home for chocolate cake, hugs, kisses, and s...

  • From Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli (Maniac Magee, Stargirl) comes the story of a girl searching for happiness inside the walls of a prison. Cammie O'Reilly lives at the Hancock County Prison--not as a prisoner, she's the warden's daughter. She ...

  • Picnics! Singing! Fireworks! It's time to celebrate the best day of all--the Fourth of July!

    Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli and award-winning illustrator Larry Day join forces to celebrate America's birthday, the Fourth of July.

    A resp...

  • Can playing dead bring you back to life? Maybe on Dead Wednesday… On this day the worlds of a shy boy and a gone girl collide, and the connection they make will change them both forever. A brilliant new novel from the Newbery Medal winner and autho...

Award-Winning Books by Jerry Spinelli

1999 Iowa Teen Award -- Young Adult
1999 Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award -- Grades 6-8
1999 Virginia Readers Choice Award -- Middle School
2000 North Carolina Children's Book Award -- Junior Book
Fourth Grade Rats
1993 South Carolina Childrens, Junior and Young Adult Book Award -- Children's
1994 Black-Eyed Susan Award -- Grades 4-6
Jake and Lily
2015 Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award -- Grades 3-6
2004 Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award -- Grades 4-6
2004 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award -- Children's
2004 Maine Student Book Award -- Grades 4-8
2005 Sasquatch Award -- Children/Young Adult
2005 William Allen White Childens Book Award -- Grades 3-5
Maniac Magee
1990 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award -- Fiction & Poetry
1991 Carolyn W. Field Award -- Children's
1991 Newbery Medal -- Children's
1992 Land of Enchantment Book Award -- Children/Young Adult
1992 Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award -- Grades 6-8
1993 Buckeye Children's Book Award -- Grades 6-8
1993 Delaware Diamonds Award -- Grades 3-5
1993 Nevada Young Readers' Award -- Intermediate
1993 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award -- Grades 4-8
1993 Virginia Readers Choice Award -- Middle School
1993 West Virginia Children's Book Award -- Children's
1993 Young Reader's Choice Award -- Grades 4-8
1996 Nene Award -- Children's Fiction
2000 Parents Choice Award (Fall) (1998-2007) -- Gold
2001 Bookseller's Choice -- Young Adult
2001 New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association Award -- Children's
2003 Garden State Teen Book Award -- Fiction (Grades 6-8)
2003 Grand Canyon Reader Award -- Teen
2003 Iowa Teen Award -- Young Adult
2003 Young Hoosier Book Award -- Grades 6-8
2004 Charlotte Award -- Young Adult
1998 Carolyn W. Field Award -- Children's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jerry Spinelli has published 38 books.

Jerry Spinelli does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Dead Wednesday, was published in August 2021.

The first book by Jerry Spinelli, Space Station Seventh Grade, was published in October 1982.

Yes. Jerry Spinelli has 6 series.