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    9 Books (1 Series)
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    August 1996
  • Latest Book:
    February 2006
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1 - Lady of Fire (Aug-1996)
2 - Queen of the Sun (Jul-1998)
3 - Mistress of the Waters (May-1999)
4 - Sister of the Moon (Dec-2001)
5 - Spirit of the Mist (Jul-2002)
6 - Keeper of the Light (Jan-2003)
7 - Maiden of the Winds (Jul-2003)
8 - Daughter of Gold (Oct-2004)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • After her boyfriend of six years dumped her, Christine Connolly thought the idea of being worshipped like a goddess wouldn't be so bad. Little did she know that a two-dollar torque bought at a tag sale would grant her divinity. No sooner had she put ...

  • As she rode among the emerald hills of the Irish countryside, Teresa MacEgan was swept into a magical Midsummer's Eve that landed her in ancient Eire. By the light of the silver moon, the dark-haired beauty encountered a quietly seductive traveler wh...

  • All Her Troubles Born into a family of wealth and power, Shannon Rose Gray had to reinvent herself when her father's business collapsed. Planning to relocate to Ireland, the home of her forebears, after college, Shannon immersed herself in her studi...

  • A QUEEN'S CHOICE In the sylvan glens of Eire, the Sidhe reign supreme. The fair folk, they are: fairies, thieves, changeling-bearers, tricksters. Their feet make no sound as they traipse through ancient forests, their mouths no noise as they weave...

  • THE ARRIVAL An early summer storm raged off the coast of western Ireland, and Muriel watched. From inside the protective walls of Dun Farraige, she could see nothing; yet her, water mirror showed all. The moonlight reflected in that bronze dish re...

  • In early winter, at the dark of the moon, Rioghan is visited by warriors. Their leader is Donaill, the king's champion. She has watched him pause in the standing-stone circle of the Sidhe, seen his reaction to their beautiful music; but she has also ...

  • The man who comes to Keavy's wedding bed is not her husband. The Irish lass married to be free as the wind, so she chose a groom in a faraway "dun" with no interest in either her or her bed...only to learn that in his keep, the law proclaims the king...

  • To the First Harvest fair Niamh goes, for revelry with others of the island. The Fianna go, too: the finest of the king's young warriors. Of them, Bryan catches Niamh's eye. He is strong of body and fair of face, and he wants her for his "Lughnasa Si...

  • The goddess Eriu waited. The new Ard-Ri, high king of all Ireland, had been chosen, elected by his people to enter the Mound of Kings and to induce her to accept him as a wife would a husband. He would be difficult to resist if she were judging on st...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Janeen O'Kerry has published 9 books.

Janeen O'Kerry does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Goddess of Eire, was published in February 2006.

The first book by Janeen O'Kerry, Lady of Fire, was published in August 1996.

Yes. Janeen O'Kerry has 1 series.