James Patterson; Candice Fox

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    Never Never - 3

    Detective Harriet Blue from Never Never is back. And she is hunting . . . her brother's killer. Detective Harriet Blue is a good cop on the run, and now there's a price on her head. But Harriet is not the only one who's gone rogue. A known killer roa...

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    Police/Detective/Law Enforcement


    Never Never - 2

    What are the chances that convicted killer Sam Blue is innocent of the serial murders of three young women? Determined to clear his name, no matter the cost to her career, Detective Harriet Blue accepts a risky reassignment to a remote town where a d...

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    Police/Detective/Law Enforcement


    Never Never - 1

    Never... assume you know someone. Harry Blue is the top Sex Crimes investigator in her department. She's a seasoned pro who's seen it all. But even she didn't see this coming: her own brother arrested for the grisly murders of three beautiful young ...

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