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  • I've survived a disastrous divorce (and some equally disastrous first dates). I've survived my friends' menopause madness and my daughter's nerve-racking nuptials. I'm dating Tim (a Truly Extraordinary Kisser), my career is steady and fulfilling, the...

  • Look, I've been in scads of weddings, my own (leading to a dismal marriage and an even more dismal divorce) and approximately twenty-seven others. Which means that I've propped up hysterical brides, sobered up inebriated grooms, changed dirty diapers...

  • Reentering the dating scene after divorcing an unfaithful and spendthrift husband, Angie Hawkins receives contradictory advice from her grown daughter and three best friends and finds herself falling for a married man. Original. A first novel. 35,000...

Complete Series List in Order

Angie's Adventures

2) It's Never Too Late to Be a Bridesmaid (Feb-2006)
3) It's Never Too Late to Look Hot (Nov-2006)

Angie's Advetures

1) It's Never Too Late to Get a Life (Oct-2005)