Book List in Order: 44 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Araneae Nation

1) A Hint of Frost (Apr-2012)
2) A Feast of Souls (Dec-2012)
3) A Cast of Shadows (Feb-2013)
4) A Breath of Winter (Dec-2013)
4) Proof of Life (Jan-2020)
4.4) A Kiss of Venom (Feb-2014)
4.5) A Heart of Ice (Sep-2014)
5) A Veil of Secrets (Dec-2014)

Black Dog

1) Dog with a Bone (Sep-2014)
2) Heir of the Dog (Jan-2015)
3) Lie Down with Dogs (Apr-2015)
4) Old Dog, New Tricks (Jul-2015)
4.5) Stone-Cold Fox (Oct-2015)

Daughters of Askara

1) Everlong (Apr-2010)
2) Evermine (Jan-2013)
3) Eversworn (May-2013)


1) Dead in the Water (Dec-2015)
2) Head Above Water (Jul-2016)
3) Hell or High Water (Aug-2016)

Lorimar Pack

1) Promise the Moon (Oct-2016)
2) Wolf at the Door (Feb-2018)
3) Over the Moon (Feb-2018)


1) How To Save An Undead Life (Aug-2017)
2) How To Claim An Undead Soul (Dec-2017)
3) How To Break An Undead Heart (Apr-2018)
4) How To Dance An Undead Waltz (Aug-2018)
5) How To Live An Undead Lie (Dec-2018)
6) How To Wake An Undead City (May-2019)
7) How To Kiss An Undead Bride (Nov-2019)
8) How To Survive An Undead Honeymoon (Apr-2020)
9) How To Rattle An Undead Couple (Sep-2020)

The Potentate of Atlanta

1) Shadow of Doubt (Jan-2019)
2) Pack of Lies (2020)
3) Change of Heart (Jan-2020)
4) Proof of Life (Jan-2020)
5) Moment of Truth (Jan-2021)

The Redemption of Boaz Pritchard

1) The Redemption of Boaz Pritchard (Mar-2021)