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    13 Books (1 Series)
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    November 2013
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    November 2023
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Full Series List in Order

A Jack Rogan Mystery

0.5 - The Forgotten Painting (Sep-2016)
0.6 - The Kimberley Secret (Sep-2018)
1 - The Empress Holds the Key (Nov-2013)
2 - The Disappearance of Anna Popov (Nov-2014)
3 - The Hidden Genes of Professor K (Jul-2016)
4 - Professor K: The Final Quest (Nov-2018)
5 - The Curious Case of the Missing Head (Nov-2019)
6 - The Lost Symphony (Nov-2020)
7 - The Death Mask Murders (Dec-2021)
7.5 - The Postmaster of Treblinka (May-2022)
8 - The Stolen Altarpiece (May-2023)
Letters From The Attic (May-2016)

Book List in Order: 13 titles

  • If you enjoy current best-selling thriller novels by authors such as Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Steve Berry and Brad Thor, if you like high adventure, exotic locations and action thrillers with a historical twist, then this is page-turner for y...

  • Celebrated author and journalist Jack Rogan cannot resist a challenge. When he stumbles across a mysterious clue pointing to the tragic disappearance of two girls from Alice Springs, Rogan decides to investigate.

    Joining forces with Rebecca ...

  • What you always wanted to know ... Step into the attic where the Jack Rogan Mysteries were conceived and created, and discover the intriguing world of the best selling and multi award-winning historical thriller writer.As a young boy, Gabriel Farago ...

  • OUTSTANDING THRILLER - BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2017 >>>>>>Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards<<<<<< World-renowned scientist, Professor K knows he’s close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he’s dying. With his last brea...

  • Far more than meets the eye - a must read for art lovers - historical novel lovers - and those into mystery and intrigue

    When celebrated author Jack Rogan stumbles upon a hidden diary, he can’t resist investigating. Honouring the last wish of...

  • When celebrated war correspondent Jack Rogan receives a phone call during abloody battle in Afghanistan, he knows something is wrong; his father is dying. Withhis last breath, Rogan’s father makes a disturbing revelation that rocks his son to theco...

  • A desperate plea from the Vatican. A kidnapped chef. An ambitious mob boss. One perilous game.When Professor Alexandra Delacroix is called in to find a cure for the dying pope, she follows clues left by her mentor and friend, the late Professor K, wh...

  • A headless body on a boat. An international conspiracy. Can he survive a controversial scientific discovery?Esteemed Australian journalist Jack Rogan is on a mission to solve the disappearance of his mother in the 70s. But when a friend needs help re...

  • A murdered tsarina. A lost musical masterpiece. A stolen Russian icon. Can Jack honour a promise made a long time ago, and solve an age-old mystery?When acclaimed Australian journalist and author Jack Rogan inherits an old music box with a curious le...

  • Seven brutal murders. A cursed Inca burial mask. A lost treasure. One deadly game.Drawn into a web of hidden clues pointing to an ancient mystery, celebrated author Jack Rogan decides to investigate.When convicted killer Maurice Landru reaches out fr...

  • A desperate letter. a dark family secret. a hidden past.When a rabbi in Prague throws celebrated author and Australian journalist Jack Rogan a challenge, he is irresistibly drawn into a baffling mystery and begins to investigate.Joining forces with T...

  • A long-forgotten amulet. A holy relic. A stolen painting. One deadly geopolitical power-play.When celebrated journalist and author Jack Rogan discovers a hidden letter reaching out of the past, he unwittingly embarks on a quest to find a holy relic t...

  • In the pulsating heart of Sydney, charismatic journalist Jack Rogan is captivated by the luminous Sophie Ritter, a master conductor who commands the stage. When Rogan tempts her with the promise of a thrilling Outback odyssey, little do they know the...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gabriel Farago has published 13 books.

Gabriel Farago does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Murder on the Ghan, was published in November 2023.

The first book by Gabriel Farago, The Empress Holds the Key, was published in November 2013.

Yes. Gabriel Farago has 1 series.