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    January 1977
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    May 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Caitlin: Love Trilogy

1 - Loving (May-1985)
2 - Love Lost (Aug-1985)
3 - True Love (Dec-1985)

Caitlin: The Forever Trilogy

1 - Dreams of Forever (Jan-1988)
2 - Forever & Always (Feb-1988)
3 - Together Forever (Mar-1988)

Caitlin: The Promise Trilogy

1 - Tender Promises (Oct-1986)
2 - Promises Broken (Nov-1986)
3 - A New Promise (Dec-1986)


1 - University, Interrupted (Jan-2001)
2 - London Calling (Feb-2001)
3 - A Royal Pain (Mar-2001)
4 - Downstairs, Upstairs (Apr-2001)
5 - Max's Choice (May-2001)
6 - I Need You (Jun-2001)


1 - Fearless (Oct-1999)
2 - Sam (Nov-1999)
3 - Run (Dec-1999)
4 - Twisted (Jan-2000)
5 - Kiss (Feb-2000)
6 - Payback (Mar-2000)
7 - Rebel (Apr-2000)
8 - Heat (May-2000)
9 - Blood (Jun-2000)
10 - Liar (Jul-2000)
11 - Trust (Aug-2000)
12 - Killer (Sep-2000)
13 - Bad (Jan-2001)
14 - Missing (Mar-2001)
15 - Tears (May-2001)
16 - Naked (Jul-2001)
17 - Flee (Sep-2001)
18 - Love (Nov-2001)
19 - Twins (Jan-2002)
20 - Sex (Mar-2002)
21 - Blind (May-2002)
22 - Alone (Jul-2002)
23 - Fear (Sep-2002)
24 - Betrayed (Nov-2002)
25 - Lost (Jan-2003)
26 - Escape (Mar-2003)
27 - Shock (May-2003)
28 - Chase (Jul-2003)
29 - Lust (Sep-2003)
30 - Freak (Nov-2003)
31 - Normal (Jan-2004)
32 - Terror (Mar-2004)
33 - Wired (May-2004)
34 - Fake (Jul-2004)
35 - Exposed (Sep-2004)
36 - Gone (Nov-2004)

Fearless FBI

1 - Kill Game (Jun-2005)
2 - Live Bait (Oct-2005)
3 - Agent Out (Mar-2006)
4 - Naked Eye (Jun-2006)

Fearless Super Edition

Before Gaia (Jun-2002)
Gaia Abducted (Jan-2004)

SVH Cover Girls

1 - Cover Girls (Feb-1997)
2 - Model Flirt (Mar-1997)
3 - Fashion Victim (Apr-1997)

SVH Death Valley

1 - The Treasure of Death Valley (Apr-1995)
2 - Nightmare in Death Valley (May-1995)

SVH Earthquake

1 - Last Wish (Aug-1998)
2 - Earthquake (Nov-1998)
3 - Aftershock (Nov-1998)

SVH Evil Twins

1 - Morning After (Jul-1993)
2 - The Arrest (Aug-1993)
3 - The Verdict (Aug-1993)
4 - The Wedding (Oct-1993)
5 - Beware the Babysitter (Nov-1993)
6 - The Evil Twin (Dec-1993)

SVH High School Wars

1 - In Love with the Enemy (Jan-1996)
2 - The High School War (Jan-1996)
3 - A Kiss Before Dying (Feb-1996)

SVH Once Upon a Time

1 - Once Upon a Time (May-1997)
2 - To Catch a Thief (Jul-1997)
3 - Happily Ever After (Aug-1997)

SVH Too Hot to Handle

1 - Lila's New Flame (Oct-1997)
2 - Too Hot to Handle (Dec-1997)
3 - Fight Fire with Fire (Dec-1997)

SVH Vampire

1 - Camp Killer (Jun-1996)
2 - Tall, Dark, and Deadly (Aug-1996)
3 - Dance of Death (Oct-1996)
4 - Kiss of a Killer (Oct-1996)

SVH Werewolf

1 - Love and Death in London (Mar-1994)
2 - Date with a Werewolf (Apr-1994)

The Sweet Life

2 - Lies and Omissions (Jul-2012)
3 - Too Many Doubts (Jul-2012)
4 - Secrets and Seductions (Aug-2012)
5 - Cutting the Ties (Aug-2012)
6 - Bittersweet (Aug-2012)

Sweet Valley High

1 - Double Love (Oct-1983)
2 - Secrets (Nov-1983)
3 - Playing with Fire (Dec-1983)
4 - Power Play (Jan-1984)
5 - All Night Long (Feb-1984)
6 - Dangerous Love (Mar-1984)
7 - Dear Sister (Apr-1984)
8 - Heartbreaker (May-1984)
9 - Racing Hearts (Jun-1984)
10 - Wrong Kind of Girl (Jul-1984)
11 - Too Good to Be True (Aug-1984)
12 - When Love Dies (Sep-1984)
13 - Kidnapped! (Oct-1984)
14 - Deceptions (Nov-1984)
15 - Promises (Dec-1984)
16 - From Rags to Riches (Feb-1985)
17 - Love Letters (Mar-1985)
18 - Head Over Heels (Mar-1985)
19 - Showdown (May-1985)
20 - Crash Landing! (Jun-1985)
21 - Runaway (Jul-1985)
22 - Too Much in Love (Sep-1985)
23 - Say Goodbye (Sep-1985)
24 - Memories (Oct-1985)
25 - Nowhere to Run (Jan-1986)
26 - Hostage! (Feb-1986)
27 - Lovestruck (Feb-1986)
28 - Alone in the Crowd (May-1986)
29 - Bitter Rivals (Jun-1986)
30 - Jealous Lies (Aug-1986)
31 - Taking Sides (Oct-1986)
32 - New Jessica (Oct-1986)
33 - Starting Over (Dec-1986)
34 - Forbidden Love (Feb-1987)
35 - Out of Control (Mar-1987)
36 - Last Chance (Apr-1987)
37 - Rumors (May-1987)
38 - Leaving Home (Jul-1987)
39 - Secret Admirer (Aug-1987)
40 - On the Edge (Oct-1987)
41 - Outcast (Oct-1987)
42 - Caught in the Middle (Dec-1987)
43 - Hard Choices (Jan-1988)
44 - Pretenses (Mar-1988)
45 - Family Secrets (May-1988)
46 - Decisions (Jul-1988)
47 - Troublemaker (Aug-1988)
48 - Slam Book Fever (Sep-1988)
49 - Playing for Keeps (Sep-1988)
50 - Out of Reach (Oct-1988)
51 - Against the Odds (Dec-1988)
52 - White Lies (Jan-1989)
53 - Second Chance (Feb-1989)
54 - Two-Boy Weekend (Mar-1989)
55 - Perfect Shot (Apr-1989)
56 - Lost at Sea (Jun-1989)
57 - Teacher Crush (Jul-1989)
58 - Brokenhearted (Sep-1989)
59 - In Love Again (Sep-1989)
60 - That Fatal Night (Oct-1989)
61 - Boy Trouble (Dec-1989)
62 - Who's Who? (Jan-1990)
63 - The New Elizabeth (Feb-1990)
64 - The Ghost of Tricia Martin (Mar-1990)
65 - Trouble at Home (Apr-1990)
66 - Who's to Blame? (Jun-1990)
67 - Parent Plot (Aug-1990)
68 - The Love Bet (Aug-1990)
69 - Friend Against Friend (Sep-1990)
70 - Ms. Quarterback (Oct-1990)
71 - Starring Jessica! (Dec-1990)
72 - Rock Star's Girl (Jan-1991)
73 - Regina's Legacy (Feb-1991)
74 - The Perfect Girl (Mar-1991)
75 - Amy's True Love (Apr-1991)
76 - Miss Teen Sweet Valley (Jun-1991)
77 - Cheating to Win (Jun-1991)
78 - The Dating Game (Aug-1991)
79 - The Long-Lost Brother (Sep-1991)
80 - The Girl They Both Loved (Oct-1991)
81 - Rosa's Lie (Dec-1991)
82 - Kidnapped by the Cult! (Jan-1992)
83 - Steven's Bride (Feb-1992)
84 - The Stolen Diary (Mar-1992)
85 - Soap Star (Apr-1992)
86 - Jessica Against Bruce (Jun-1992)
87 - My Best Friend's Boyfriend (Aug-1992)
88 - Love Letters for Sale (Sep-1992)
89 - Elizabeth Betrayed (Oct-1992)
90 - Don't Go Home With John (Dec-1992)
91 - In Love With a Prince (Jan-1993)
92 - She's Not What She Seems (Mar-1993)
93 - Stepsisters (Mar-1993)
94 - Are We in Love? (May-1993)
95 - Morning After (Jul-1993)
96 - The Arrest (Aug-1993)
97 - The Verdict (Aug-1993)
98 - The Wedding (Oct-1993)
99 - Beware the Babysitter (Nov-1993)
100 - The Evil Twin (Dec-1993)
101 - Boyfriend War (Dec-1993)
102 - Almost Married (Feb-1994)
103 - Operation Love Match (Feb-1994)
104 - Love and Death in London (Mar-1994)
105 - Date with a Werewolf (Apr-1994)
106 - Beware the Wolfman (May-1994)
107 - Jessica's Secret Love (Jun-1994)
108 - Left at the Altar (Jul-1994)
109 - Double Crossed (Oct-1994)
110 - Death Threat (Nov-1994)
111 - A Deadly Christmas (Nov-1994)
112 - Jessica Quits the Squad (Dec-1994)
113 - The Pom-Pom Wars (Feb-1995)
114 - V Is for Victory (Mar-1995)
115 - The Treasure of Death Valley (Apr-1995)
116 - Nightmare in Death Valley (May-1995)
117 - Jessica the Genius (Aug-1995)
118 - College Weekend (Sep-1995)
119 - Jessica's Older Guy (Oct-1995)
120 - In Love with the Enemy (Jan-1996)
121 - The High School War (Jan-1996)
122 - A Kiss Before Dying (Feb-1996)
123 - Elizabeth's Rival (May-1996)
124 - Meet Me at Midnight (May-1996)
125 - Camp Killer (Jun-1996)
126 - Tall, Dark, and Deadly (Aug-1996)
127 - Dance of Death (Oct-1996)
128 - Kiss of a Killer (Oct-1996)
129 - Cover Girls (Feb-1997)
130 - Model Flirt (Mar-1997)
131 - Fashion Victim (Apr-1997)
132 - Once Upon a Time (May-1997)
133 - To Catch a Thief (Jul-1997)
134 - Happily Ever After (Aug-1997)
135 - Lila's New Flame (Oct-1997)
136 - Too Hot to Handle (Dec-1997)
137 - Fight Fire with Fire (Dec-1997)
138 - What Jessica Wants (Feb-1998)
139 - Elizabeth is Mine (Mar-1998)
140 - Please Forgive Me (May-1998)
141 - A Picture Perfect Prom (Jun-1998)
142 - The Big Night (Jun-1998)
143 - Party Weekend (Aug-1998)

Sweet Valley High TV

1 - California Love (Sep-1995)
2 - Twin Hearts (Dec-1995)

Sweet Valley High: Senior Year

1 - Can't Stay Away (Feb-1999)
2 - Say It to My Face (Mar-1999)
3 - So Cool (Apr-1999)
4 - I've Got a Secret (May-1999)
5 - If You Only Knew (May-1999)
6 - Your Basic Nightmare (Jul-1999)
7 - Boy Meets Girl (Jul-1999)
8 - Maria Who? (Sep-1999)
9 - The One That Got Away (Oct-1999)
10 - Broken Angel (Nov-1999)
11 - Take Me on (Nov-1999)
12 - Bad Girl (Jan-2000)
13 - All About Love (Jan-2000)
14 - Split Decision (Feb-2000)
15 - On My Own (Mar-2000)
16 - Three Girls and a Guy (Apr-2000)
17 - Backstabber (May-2000)
18 - As If I Care (Jun-2000)
19 - It's My Life (Jul-2000)
20 - Nothing Is Forever (Aug-2000)
21 - The It Guy (Sep-2000)
22 - So Not Me (Oct-2000)
23 - Falling Apart (Nov-2000)
24 - Never Let Go (Dec-2000)
25 - Straight Up (Jan-2001)
26 - Too Late (Feb-2001)
27 - Playing Dirty (Mar-2001)
28 - Meant to Be (Apr-2001)
29 - Where We Belong (May-2001)
30 - Close to You (Jun-2001)
31 - Stay or Go (Jul-2001)
32 - Road Trip (Aug-2001)
33 - Me, Me, Me (Sep-2001)
34 - Troublemaker (Oct-2001)
35 - Control Freak (Nov-2001)
36 - Tearing Me Apart (Dec-2001)
37 - Be Mine (Jan-2002)
38 - Get a Clue (Feb-2002)
39 - Best of Enemies (Mar-2002)
40 - Never Give Up (Apr-2002)
41 - He's Back (May-2002)
42 - Touch and Go (Jun-2002)
43 - It Takes Two (Jul-2002)
44 - Cruise Control (Aug-2002)
45 - Tia in the Middle (Sep-2002)
46 - Prom Night (Oct-2002)
47 - Senior Cut Day (Nov-2002)
48 - Sweet 18 (Jan-2003)

Sweet Valley Jr. High

1 - Get Real (Jan-1999)
2 - One 2 Many (Feb-1999)
3 - Soulmates (Mar-1999)
4 - The Cool Crowd (Apr-1999)
5 - Boy. Friend. (May-1999)
6 - Lacey's Crush (Jun-1999)
7 - How to Ruin a Friendship (Jul-1999)
8 - Cheating on Anna (Aug-1999)
9 - Too Popular (Sep-1999)
10 - Twin Switch (Oct-1999)
11 - Got a Problem? (Nov-1999)
12 - Third Wheel (Dec-1999)
13 - Three Days, Two Nights (Jan-2000)
14 - My Perfect Guy (Feb-2000)
15 - Hands Off! (Mar-2000)
16 - Keepin' it Real (Apr-2000)
17 - Whatever (May-2000)
18 - True Blue (Jun-2000)
19 - She Loves Me...not (Jul-2000)
20 - Wild Child (Aug-2000)
21 - I'm So Outta Here (Sep-2000)
22 - What You Don't Know (Oct-2000)
23 - Invisible Me (Nov-2000)
24 - Clueless (Dec-2000)
25 - Drama Queen (Jan-2001)
26 - No More Mr. Nice Guy (Feb-2001)
27 - She's Back . . . (Mar-2001)
28 - Dance Fever (Apr-2001)
29 - He's the One (May-2001)
30 - Too Many Good-Byes (Jun-2001)

Sweet Valley Kids

1 - Surprise! Surprise! (Oct-1989)
2 - Runaway Hamster (Oct-1989)
3 - The Twins' Mystery Teacher (Dec-1989)
4 - Elizabeth's Valentine (Jan-1990)
5 - Jessica's Cat Trick (Feb-1990)
6 - Lila's Secret (May-1995)
7 - Jessica's Big Mistake (Apr-1990)
8 - Jessica's Zoo Adventure (Apr-1991)
9 - Elizabeth's Super-Selling Lemonade (May-1991)
10 - The Twins and the Wild West (Aug-1990)
11 - Crybaby Lois (Jul-1991)
12 - Trick or Treat (Sep-1990)
13 - Starring Winston Egbert (Oct-1990)
14 - Jessica the Baby-Sitter (Dec-1990)
15 - Fearless Elizabeth (Jan-1991)
16 - Jessica the Tv Star (May-1995)
17 - Caroline's Mystery Dolls (Apr-1991)
18 - Bossy Steven (Apr-1991)
19 - Jessica and the Jumbo Fish (May-1991)
20 - The Twins Go to the Hospital (Jul-1991)
21 - Jessica and the Spelling-Bee Surprise (Aug-1992)
22 - Slumber Party (Sep-1992)
23 - Lila's Haunted House Party (Oct-1991)
24 - Cousin Kelly's Family Secret (Oct-1991)
25 - Left-Out Elizabeth (Dec-1991)
26 - Jessica's Snobby Club (Feb-1992)
27 - The Sweet Valley Clean-Up Team (Mar-1993)
28 - Elizabeth Meets Her Hero (Mar-1992)
29 - Andy and the Alien (Apr-1992)
30 - Jessica's Unburied Treasure (Jun-1992)
31 - Elizabeth and Jessica Run Away (Aug-1992)
32 - Left Back (Sep-1992)
33 - Caroline's Halloween Spell (Sep-1992)
34 - The Best Thanksgiving Ever (Dec-1993)
35 - Elizabeth's Broken Arm (Dec-1992)
36 - Elizabeth's Video Fever (Jan-1993)
37 - The Big Race (Jan-1994)
38 - Good-Bye, Eva? (Apr-1993)
39 - Ellen is Home Alone (Apr-1993)
40 - Robin in the Middle (Jul-1993)
41 - The Missing Tea Set (Jul-1993)
42 - Jessica's Monster Nightmare (Aug-1993)
43 - Jessica Gets Spooked (Sep-1993)
44 - Twins' Big Pow-Wow (Nov-1993)
45 - Elizabeth's Piano Lessons (Dec-1993)
46 - Get the Teacher! (Jan-1994)
47 - Elizabeth the Tattletale (Feb-1994)
48 - Lila's April Fool (Mar-1994)
49 - Jessica's Mermaid (Apr-1994)
50 - Steven's Twin (Jun-1994)
51 - Lois and the Sleepover (Aug-1994)
52 - Julie the Karate Kid (Sep-1994)
53 - The Magic Puppets (Sep-1994)
54 - Star of the Parade (Oct-1994)
55 - The Jessica and Elizabeth Show (Dec-1994)
56 - Jessica Plays Cupid (Jan-1995)
57 - No Girls Allowed (Mar-1995)
58 - Lila's Birthday Bash (Apr-1995)
59 - Jessica + Jessica = Trouble (May-1995)
60 - The Amazing Jessica (Jul-1995)
61 - Scaredy-Cat Elizabeth (Aug-1995)
62 - The Halloween War (Sep-1995)
63 - Lila's Christmas Angel (Nov-1995)
64 - Elizabeth's Horseback Adventure (Dec-1995)
65 - Steven's Big Crush (Jan-1996)
66 - And The Winner is ... Jessica Wakefield! (Mar-1996)
67 - The Secret of Fantasy Forest (Sep-1996)
68 - A Roller Coaster for the Twins! (Nov-1996)
69 - Class Picture Day! (Feb-1997)
70 - Good-Bye, Mrs. Otis (Apr-1997)
71 - Jessica's Secret Friend (Jun-1997)
72 - The Macaroni Mess (Aug-1997)
73 - The Witch in the Pumpkin Patch (Oct-1997)
74 - Sweet Valley Blizzard (Dec-1997)
75 - Little Drummer Girls (Feb-1998)
76 - Danger: Twins at Work (Apr-1998)

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper

1 - Case of the Secret Santa (Nov-1990)
2 - The Case of the Magic Christmas Bell (Nov-1991)
3 - Case of the Haunted Camp (Jun-1992)
4 - The Case of the Christmas Thief (Nov-1992)
5 - The Case of the Hidden Treasure (May-1993)
6 - The Case of the Million-Dollar Diamonds (Nov-1993)
7 - The Case of the Alien Princess (May-1994)

Sweet Valley Kids Super Special

1 - Trapped in Toyland (Nov-1994)
2 - The Easter Bunny Battle (Feb-1995)
3 - A Curse on Elizabeth (Jun-1995)
4 - Save the Turkey! (Oct-1995)
5 - Elizabeth Hatches an Egg (Feb-1996)

Sweet Valley Magna Edition

Wakefields of Sweet Valley (Jul-1991)
The Wakefield Legacy (Jun-1992)
A Night to Remember (Jun-1993)
Elizabeth's Secret Diary (Jan-1994)
Jessica's Secret Diary Volume I (Sep-1994)
Return of the Evil Twin (Jun-1995)
Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume II (Jul-1996)
Jessica's Secret Diary Volume II (Jul-1996)
The Fowlers of Sweet Valley (Nov-1996)
The Patmans of Sweet Valley (Dec-1996)
Elizabeth's Secret Diary, Volume III (Jun-1997)
Jessica's Secret Diary Volume III (Jun-1997)

Sweet Valley Super Edition

1 - Perfect Summer (Aug-1985)
2 - Special Christmas (Dec-1985)
3 - Spring Break (Mar-1986)
4 - Malibu Summer (Jul-1986)
5 - Winter Carnival (Nov-1986)
6 - Spring Fever (Mar-1987)
7 - Falling for Lucas (Mar-1996)
8 - Jessica Takes Manhattan (Jan-1997)
9 - Mystery Date (Feb-1998)
10 - Last Wish (Aug-1998)
11 - Earthquake (Nov-1998)
12 - Aftershock (Nov-1998)

Sweet Valley Super Stars

1 - Lila's Story (Dec-1989)
2 - Bruce's Story (Jun-1990)
3 - Enid's Story (Dec-1990)
4 - Olivia's Story (Dec-1991)
5 - Todd's Story (Aug-1992)

Sweet Valley Super Thriller

1 - Double Jeopardy (Dec-1987)
2 - On the Run (Jun-1988)
3 - No Place to Hide (Nov-1988)
4 - Deadly Summer (Jun-1989)
5 - Murder on the Line (Dec-1992)
6 - Beware the Wolfman (May-1994)
7 - A Deadly Christmas (Nov-1994)
8 - Murder in Paradise (Mar-1995)
9 - A Stranger in the House (Jun-1995)
10 - A Killer on Board (Aug-1995)
11 - R for Revenge (Sep-1997)

Sweet Valley Twins

1 - Best Friends (Jan-1986)
2 - Teacher's Pet (Aug-1986)
3 - Haunted House (Sep-1986)
4 - Choosing Sides (Nov-1986)
5 - Sneaking Out (Jan-1987)
6 - The New Girl (Feb-1987)
7 - Three's a Crowd (Apr-1987)
8 - First Place (Apr-1987)
9 - Against the Rules (Jun-1987)
10 - One of the Gang (Jul-1987)
11 - Buried Treasure (Jan-1987)
12 - Keeping Secrets (Oct-1987)
13 - Stretching the Truth (Oct-1987)
14 - Tug of War (Jul-1988)
15 - Older Boy (Dec-1987)
16 - Second Best (Jan-1988)
17 - Boys Against Girls (Feb-1988)
18 - Center of Attention (Mar-1988)
19 - The Bully (May-1988)
20 - Playing Hooky (Jun-1988)
21 - Left Behind (Jul-1988)
22 - Out of Place (Aug-1988)
23 - Claim to Fame (Sep-1988)
24 - Jumping to Conclusions (Oct-1988)
25 - Standing Out (Dec-1988)
26 - Taking Charge (Jan-1989)
27 - Teamwork (Feb-1989)
28 - April Fool! (Mar-1989)
29 - Jessica and the Brat Attack (Apr-1989)
30 - Princess Elizabeth (May-1989)
31 - Jessica's Bad Idea (Jul-1989)
32 - Jessica on Stage (Sep-1989)
33 - Elizabeth's New Hero (Sep-1989)
34 - Jessica the Rock Star (Oct-1989)
35 - Amy's Pen Pal (Dec-1989)
36 - Mary Is Missing (Jan-1990)
37 - The War Between the Twins (Jan-1990)
38 - Lois Strikes Back (Mar-1990)
39 - Jessica and the Money Mix-Up (Apr-1990)
40 - Danny Means Trouble (Jul-1990)
41 - The Twins Get Caught (Sep-1990)
42 - Jessica's Secrets (May-1990)
43 - Elizabeth's First Kiss (Jan-1990)
44 - Amy Moves in (Dec-1990)
45 - Lucy Takes the Reins (Jan-1991)
46 - Mademoiselle Jessica (Mar-1991)
47 - Jessica's New Look (Mar-1991)
48 - Mandy Miller Fights Back (Apr-1991)
49 - The Twins' Little Sister (Jun-1991)
50 - Jessica and the Secret Star (Jun-1991)
51 - Elizabeth the Impossible (Jul-1991)
52 - Booster Boycott (Aug-1991)
53 - The Slime That Ate Sweet Valley (Sep-1991)
54 - The Big Party Weekend (Oct-1991)
55 - Brooke and Her Rock-Star Mom (Dec-1991)
56 - The Wakefields Strike it Rich (Jan-1992)
57 - Big Brother's in Love (Feb-1992)
58 - Elizabeth and the Orphans (Apr-1992)
59 - Barnyard Battle (Apr-1992)
60 - Ciao Sweet Valley! (Jun-1992)
61 - Jessica the Nerd (Jul-1992)
62 - Sarah's Dad and Sophia's Mom (Aug-1992)
63 - Poor Lila! (Sep-1992)
64 - The Charm School Mystery (Oct-1992)
65 - Patty's Last Dance (Dec-1992)
66 - Great Boyfriend Switch (May-1995)
67 - Jessica the Thief (Feb-1993)
68 - The Middle School Gets Married (Apr-1993)
69 - Won't Someone Help Anna? (Apr-1993)
70 - Psychic Sisters (Jun-1993)
71 - Jessica Saves the Trees (Jul-1993)
72 - The Love Potion (Aug-1993)
73 - Lila's Music Video (Sep-1993)
74 - Elizabeth the Hero (Oct-1993)
75 - Jessica and the Earthquake (Jul-1994)
76 - Yours for a Day (Jan-1994)
77 - Todd Runs Away (Feb-1994)
78 - Steven the Zombie (Mar-1994)
79 - Jessica's Blind Date (Apr-1994)
80 - The Gossip War (Jun-1994)
81 - Robbery at the Mall (Jul-1994)
82 - Steven's Enemy (Aug-1994)
83 - Amy's Secret Sister (Oct-1994)
84 - Romeo and 2 Juliets (Jan-1985)
85 - Elizabeth the Seventh Grader (Feb-1995)
86 - It Can't Happen Here (Mar-1995)
87 - The Mother-Daughter Switch (Apr-1995)
88 - Steven Gets Even (Jun-1995)
89 - Jessica's Cookie Disaster (Jul-1995)
90 - The Cousin War (Aug-1995)
91 - Deadly Voyage (Oct-1995)
92 - Escape from Terror Island (Nov-1995)
93 - The Incredible Madame Jessica (Dec-1995)
94 - Don't Talk to Brian (Feb-1996)
95 - The Battle of the Cheerleaders (Mar-1996)
96 - Elizabeth the Spy (Apr-1996)
97 - Too Scared to Sleep (Jun-1996)
98 - The Beast is Watching You (Jul-1996)
99 - The Beast Must Die (Aug-1996)
100 - If I Die Before I Wake (Oct-1996)
101 - Twins in Love (Oct-1996)
102 - The Mysterious Dr. Q (Nov-1996)
103 - Elizabeth Solves It All (Dec-1996)
104 - Big Brother's in Love Again (Jan-1997)
105 - Jessica's Lucky Millions (Feb-1997)
106 - Breakfast of Enemies (Apr-1997)
107 - The Twins Hit Hollywood (May-1997)
108 - Cammi's Crush (Jun-1997)
109 - Don't Go in the Basement (Aug-1997)
110 - Pumpkin Fever (Sep-1997)
111 - Sisters at War (Oct-1997)
112 - If Looks Could Kill (Dec-1997)
113 - The Boyfriend Game (Jan-1998)
114 - The Boyfriend Mess (Feb-1998)
115 - Happy Mother's Day, Lila (Apr-1998)
116 - Jessica Takes Charge (May-1998)
117 - Down with Queen Janet! (Jun-1998)
118 - No Escape! (Jul-1998)

Sweet Valley Twins Magna Editions

1 - The Magic Christmas (Nov-1992)
2 - A Christmas Without Elizabeth (Nov-1993)
3 - Big for Christmas (Nov-1994)

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller

3 - The Carnival Ghost (Nov-1990)

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chillers

1 - The Christmas Ghost (Nov-1989)
2 - The Ghost in the Graveyard (Jan-1990)
4 - The Ghost in the Bell Tower (Jun-1992)
5 - Curse of the Ruby Necklace (May-1995)
6 - The Curse of the Golden Heart (May-1994)
7 - The Haunted Burial Ground (Oct-1994)
8 - The Secret of the Magic Pen (May-1995)
9 - Evil Elizabeth (Oct-1995)

Sweet Valley Twins Super Editions

1 - The Class Trip (May-1988)
2 - Holiday Mischief (Nov-1988)
3 - The Big Camp Secret (Jul-1989)
4 - The Unicorns Go Hawaiian (Nov-1991)
5 - Lila's Secret Valentine (Jan-1995)
6 - The Twins Take Paris (Jan-1996)
7 - Jessica's Animal Instincts (May-1996)
8 - Jessica's First Kiss (May-1997)
9 - The Twins Go to College (Jun-1998)
10 - The Year Without Christmas (Dec-1997)
11 - Jessica's No Angel (Mar-1998)
12 - Good-Bye, Middle School! (Aug-1998)
13 - Jessica: Next Stop Jr. High (Nov-1998)
14 - Elizabeth: Next Stop, Jr. High (Oct-1998)

Sweet Valley Univeristy Thrillers

1 - Wanted for Murder (Jan-1995)
2 - He's Watching You (Apr-1995)
3 - Kiss of the Vampire (Sep-1995)
4 - The House of Death (Dec-1995)
5 - Running for Her Life (May-1996)
6 - The Roommate (Aug-1996)
7 - What Winston Saw (Dec-1996)
8 - Dead Before Dawn (Apr-1997)
9 - Killer at Sea (Jun-1997)
10 - Channel X (Dec-1997)
11 - Love and Murder (Apr-1998)
12 - Don't Answer the Phone (Sep-1998)
13 - Cyber Stalker: The Return of William White, Part I (Dec-1998)
14 - Deadly Terror: The Return of William White, Part II (Feb-1999)
15 - Loving the Enemy (Aug-1999)
16 - Killer Party (Dec-1999)
17 - Very Bad Things (Apr-2000)
18 - Face It (Aug-2000)

Sweet Valley University

1 - College Girls (Sep-1993)
2 - Love, Lies, and Jessica Wakefield (Oct-1993)
3 - What Your Parents Don't Know (Feb-1994)
4 - Anything for Love (Apr-1994)
5 - A Married Woman (Jun-1994)
6 - The Love of Her Life (Aug-1994)
7 - Good-Bye to Love (Oct-1994)
8 - Home for Christmas (Dec-1994)
9 - Sorority Scandal (Jan-1995)
10 - No Means No (Feb-1995)
11 - Take Back the Night (Mar-1995)
12 - College Cruise (May-1995)
13 - S. S. Heartbreak (Jun-1995)
14 - Shipboard Wedding (Aug-1995)
15 - Behind Closed Doors (Sep-1995)
16 - The Other Woman (Nov-1995)
17 - Deadly Attraction (Nov-1995)
18 - Billie's Secret (Jan-1996)
19 - Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams (Feb-1996)
20 - Here Comes the Bride (Apr-1996)
21 - For the Love of Ryan (May-1996)
22 - Elizabeth's Summer Love (Jun-1996)
23 - Sweet Kiss of Summer (Jul-1996)
24 - His Secret Past (Oct-1996)
25 - Busted! (Oct-1996)
26 - The Trial of Jessica Wakefield (Nov-1996)
27 - Elizabeth and Todd Forever (Mar-1997)
28 - Elizabeth's Heartbreak (Feb-1997)
29 - One Last Kiss (Apr-1997)
30 - Beauty and the Beach (May-1997)
31 - The Truth About Ryan (Aug-1997)
32 - The Boys of Summer (Sep-1997)
33 - Out of the Picture (Oct-1997)
34 - Spy Girl (Oct-1997)
35 - Undercover Angels (Dec-1997)
36 - Have You Heard About Elizabeth? (Feb-1998)
37 - Breaking Away (Feb-1998)
38 - Good-Bye, Elizabeth (Apr-1998)
39 - Elizabeth Loves New York (May-1998)
40 - Private Jessica (Jul-1998)
41 - Escape to New York (Aug-1998)
42 - Sneaking in (Oct-1998)
43 - The Price of Love (Oct-1998)
44 - Love Me Always (Dec-1998)
45 - Don't Let Go (Feb-1999)
46 - I'll Never Love Again (Apr-1999)
47 - You're Not My Sister (May-1999)
48 - No Rules (Jun-1999)
49 - Stranded (Jun-1999)
50 - Summer of Love (Jul-1999)
51 - Living Together (Sep-1999)
52 - Fooling Around (Nov-1999)
53 - Truth or Dare (Dec-1999)
54 - Rush Week (Jan-2000)
55 - The First Time (Feb-2000)
56 - Dropping Out (Mar-2000)
57 - Who Knew? (May-2000)
58 - The Dreaded Ex (Jun-2000)
59 - Elizabeth in Love (Jul-2000)
60 - Secret Love Diaries: Elizabeth (Sep-2000)
61 - Secret Love Diaries: Jessica (Oct-2000)
62 - Secret Love Diaries: Sam (Nov-2000)
63 - Secret Love Diaries: Chloe (Dec-2000)

Sweet Valley Passion

1 - Boyfriend War (Dec-1993)
2 - Almost Married (Feb-1994)
3 - Operation Love Match (Feb-1994)

Team Sweet Valley

1 - Jessica Goes for Gold (Nov-1996)
2 - Win One for Sandra (Jul-1996)

Unicorn Club

1 - Save the Unicorns (Jun-1994)
2 - Maria's Movie Comeback (Jun-1994)
3 - The Best Friend Game (Aug-1994)
4 - Lila's Little Sister (Oct-1994)
5 - Unicorns in Love (Dec-1994)
6 - The Unicorns at War (Feb-1995)
7 - Too Close for Comfort (Aug-1995)
8 - Kimberly Rides Again (Oct-1995)
9 - Ellen's Family Secret (Dec-1995)
10 - Mandy in the Middle (Feb-1996)
11 - Angels Keep Out (Apr-1996)
12 - Five Girls and a Baby (Jun-1996)
13 - Who Will Be Miss Unicorn? (Aug-1996)
14 - Lila on the Loose (Oct-1996)
15 - Too Cool for the Unicorns (Dec-1996)
16 - Bon Voyage, Unicorns! (Jan-1997)
17 - Boyfriends for Everyone (Mar-1997)
18 - Rachel's In, Lila's Out (May-1997)
19 - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Jul-1997)
20 - In Love with Mandy (Sep-1997)
21 - Snow Bunnies (Dec-1997)
22 - Jessica's Dream Date (Jan-1998)
23 - Trapped in the Mall (Mar-1998)

The Victoria Martin Trilogy

1 - Hanging Out with Cici // My Mother Was Never a Kid (1977)
2 - My First Love and Other Disasters (May-1979)
3 - Love & Betrayal & Hold the Mayo (Jun-1985)

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    I can't believe my mother was ever my age. I think she was born a mother.... Now that she's a teenager, Victoria Martin expects freedom, good times, and maybe even some understanding from her mother. But no such luck! She's still getting the sam...

  • It's not easy to be fifteen and in love -- especially if the boy you love is seventeen, gorgeous, and doesn't even know you exist! Victoria is determined to be a mother's helper on Fire Island, where Jim will be spending the summer. So what if he's g...

  • Johanna is a modern woman happy with her life as a writer and her love for her fiance, until her research into the life of a mass murderer pulls her into a disturbing world of cults and sinister attractions...

  • Will Jessica steal Todd from Elizabeth . . . . Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High. They're both popular, smart, and gorgeous, but that's where the similarity ends. Elizabeth is friendly, outgoing, and sincere-...

  • Jessica would stop at nothing... Beautiful and ruthless, Jessica Wakefield is determined to be chosen queen of the fall dance at .Sweet Valley High. If she can win the contest, she's sure to win Bruce Patman, the most sought-after boy in school. ...

  • Too hot to handle... Watch out, Sweet Valley High! Once again, Jessica Wakefield has gotten her way. Fresh from her greatest social triumph, Jessica proceeds to sink her hooks into rich, handsome Bruce Patman, the most eligible, sought-after guy a...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica in a tug-of-war... Chubby Robin Wilson has been following Jessica around for months. First she wanted to be her friend - now she wants to join Pi Beta Alpha, Sweet Valley High's snobby sorority. When Elizabeth, Jessica's twi...

  • Has Jessica gone too far? Elizabeth Wakefield knows her beautiful twin can handle almost any guy--most boys are just no match for Jessica's seductive charms. But Scott Daniels, Jessica's latest love, is more of a man than a boy, much older and muc...

  • The end of the road for Todd and Elizabeth? One of the strictest rules in the Wakefield house is "No motorcycles." Ever since their cousin was killed in a crash, Elizabeth and Jessica have been forbidden to go near them. So when Elizabeth's boy...

  • A senseless tragedy... Sweet Valley is stunned by the news: Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident. Elizabeth's boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt; he was driving and escaped...

  • Catch a wave... The surf's up in Sweet Valley, and gorgeous Jessica Wakefield is making a big splash with Bill Chase, the hottest surfer in town. But after she tricks him into falling madly in love with her, she ignores him completely. To compl...

  • Love on the run... Roger Barrett has always had a hopeless crush on glamorous, wealthy Lila Fowler. The only attention Lila ever pays to him, though, is to make fun of him in front of her friends. But why shouldn't she, he thinks. After all, he's ...

  • Jessica's at it again! Jessica Wakefield has sworn never to allow Annie Whitman onto the Sweet Valley High cheering squad. Annie may have the beauty, talent and spirit to be a cheerleader, but she also has the worst reputation in school. She goes ...

  • A devil in disguise... The Wakefield twins are wild with excitement. Glamorous, sophisticated Suzanne Devlin is coming to Sweet Valley from New York City. For two weeks, Elizabeth will show her around town while Jessica has the time of her life in...

  • The end of romance... The Wakefield twins' older brother, Steven, is heartbroken. His girlfriend, Tricia Martin, no longer seems interested in him. She breaks their dates and doesn't return his calls. Steven can't understand why Tricia's feelings h...

  • A living nightmare . . . Elizabeth Wakefield never imagined that her evening of volunteer work at Sweet Valleys hospital would turn into the most horrifying night of her life. But when a strong hand clamps a chloroformed rag over her mouth and she ...

  • A tangled web ... Elizabeth Wakefield is stunned when Nicholas Morrow asks her for a date. A newcomer to Sweet Valley, Nicholas is fabulously wealthy and extremely handsome. Even though Elizabeth would never cheat on Todd Wilkins, her steady boyfri...

  • Bad girl in town ... Steven Wakefield is crushed when his girlfriend, Tricia, dies after a tragic illness. The only things that keep him going are the memory of their love and his promise to Tricia to take care of her sister, Betsy, after she's gon...

  • A battle for stardom ... Jessica Wakefield is dying to play the part of Juliet in the Sweet Valley Middle School production of Romeo and Juliet. But during the week of auditions, she comes down with an awful case of the flu! the only way she can win ...

  • Roger strikes it rich ... No one would have guessed that Roger Barrett, the poorest boy in Sweet Valley, was really one of the Patmans, the wealthiest family in town. But when Roger's mother dies, the secret of his birth is revealed, and overnight h...

  • Do opposites attract? Bruce Patman and Regina Morrow in love? No one at Sweet Valley High can believe it. Regina is beautiful and shy, one of the nicest girls at school. Bruce is a real snob, and the only person he's ever cared about is himself. ...

  • Make-believe romance ... Caroline Pearce has always been one of the least popular girls at Sweet Valley High. But when she invents a new out-of-town boyfriend, people finally start to pay attention to her. Brown-eyed, six foot Adam and his romantic...

  • In the first volume of a trilogy, the lovely, dazzling, and devious Caitlin Ryan, a young girl raised by her wealthy, powerful, and cold grandmother, will do just about anything to get Jed Michaels, the boy she wants...

  • More than she bargained for... When Lila Fowler's mysterious new boyfriend finally appears at her pool party, Jessica Wakefield is dazzled. Jack is handsome, sexy, and exciting - even more perfect than Lila described him. So Jessica wastes no time m...

  • Terror in the skies... George Warren has been looking forward to taking his girlfriend, Enid Rollins, as a passenger on his first licensed flight. Afterward he's going to tell her something he's known for a long time - he doesn't love her anymore, a...

  • Two hundred miles from home, completely on our own, with the easiest work in the world -- I can hardly wait! It has to be the best summer of Victoria Martin's life! She and her best friend, Steffi, are going to be waitresses at Camp mohaph, and a...

  • Jessica's had it with Sweet Valley... Jessica Wakefield is sick and tired of taking second place to her twin sister, Elizabeth. Everyone adores Elizabeth; she's kind and loving and generous. But Jessica can't seem to do anything right. Then Jes...

  • Geared up for adventure... It's summer in Sweet Valley, and the Wakefield twins and their friends are taking a bike trip up the beautiful California coast. What could be more exciting than four weeks of glorious sunshine, sandy beaches, and endles...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield's heart is breaking; Todd Wilkins, her longtime boyfriend, is leaving Sweet Valley and moving to Vermont. Todd and she have only one week left. After that the only boy Elizabeth has ever loved will be gone - forever. Jessica, Eliz...

  • Hanging on for love. Bill Chase and DeeDee Gordon have been happy together for a long time. But lately DeeDee has become too dependent on Bill. She wants to do everything and go everywhere with him. Bill feels that he doesn't have any room to bre...

  • Torn apart by love... The Wakefield twins' older brother, Steven, hasn't dated anyone since his girlfriend died of leukemia. He can't even look at another girl without thinking of his beloved Tricia. But Steven is drawn to Cara Walker. Sweet Valle...

  • Deck the halls of Sweet Valley High... The Wakefield twins and their friends at Sweet Valley High are in festive spirits. It's Christmas vacation, the annual parade is just days away, secret Santas are busy buying surprise gifts, and everyone's ta...

  • Having problems at home with her grandmother and father, Caitlin is torn between her new boyfriend, Laurence Baxter, and her former love, Jed Michaels, who has refused to see her since he discovered her terrible secret...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth are ready to take on middle school . . . but are they ready to take on each other? The New York Times bestselling world of Sweet Valley returns in these all-new graphic novel adaptations!Jessica and Elizabeth have always been in...

  • What will The Droids do without Emily? Elizabeth Wakefield is surprised when Emily Mayer tells her she wants to join the school newspaper. After all, Emily's a musician, not a writer. Why would The Droids' crack drummer turn to writing, especially ...

  • Regina's life -- in jeopardy ... When Elizabeth Wakefield learns that Regina Morrow has returned unexpectedly to Sweet Valley from Switzerland, she drops by to visit. A strange woman answers the door and says Regina cannot have visitors. With the h...

  • Madly in love... No one at Sweet Valley High can believe that football star Ken Matthews has fallen in love math super-sophisticated Suzanne Hanlon. Suzanne likes poetry, gourmet food, and art films, while Ken's idea of a good time is listening to ...

  • Bon voyage... Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are nearly bursting with excitement. Spring break has arrived, and the twins are off to the glamorous South of France! It's the vacation of a lifetime: Elizabeth can't wait to practice her French, but Je...

  • Secret song… Lynne Henry is tall, awkward, and painfully shy. The one bright spot in her life is her songwriting. In her room, playing her guitar, Lynne forgets how lonely she is and becomes someone special. When The Droids, Sweet Valley High's m...

  • Three's a crowd... Elizabeth Wakefield is ecstatic. Her dearest childhood friend, Amy Sutton, is moving back to Sweet Valley. Elizabeth can't wait to see her again and introduce Amy to her current best friend, Enid Rollins. Amy is an undeniable...

  • Summer dreams...

    Summer's here,  and the Wakefield twins can't wait to join Lila  Fowler in fabulous, beach-lined Malibu. Elizabeth  and Jessica have arranged jobs as mother's helpers  and are looking forward to a dream vacatio...

  • Backstabber... It's pledge season for Pi Beta Alpha, and everyone in the exclusive Sweet Valley High sorority expects Sandra Bacon to nominate her best friend, Jean West. But Sandra's tired of always hearing about Jean's perfect figure, terrific gr...

  • Playing favorites ...

    Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are the best dancers in their ballet class.  Both girls want to dance the solo in the upcoming recital.  Elizabeth hates to compete with her sister, but Jessica doesn't mind at ...

  • Are the rumors true? Everyone at Sweet Valley Middle School has always said the Mercandy mansion is haunted. Strange lights flicker in the windows at night, and no one ever sees the owners come and go. So when Nora Mercandy moves into the run-down...

  • Time for a change... Jessica Wakefield is sick and tired of being an identical twin. Her parents make jokes about it, and recently people at school have been mistaking her for her sister, Elizabeth. So Jessica's determined to make sure no one mixes ...

  • A matchmaking duel... Jeffrey French has been at Sweet Valley High for only one week, and already he's made quite an impression--especially with the girls. Enid Rollins has a crush on the rugged junior, but just as she's about to claim Jeffrey for...

  • On a trip to her boyfriend's family ranch in Montana, Caitlin finds her relationship with Jed Michaels threatened by his ruthless former girlfriend and by the prospects of the two of them being separated by college...

  • Friends and foes... No matter what Elizabeth does, she can't stop her best friend, Amy Sutton, from trying out for the Unicorn Club's cheering squad. Elizabeth is sure that the Unicorns are going to steal Amy away from her. Then Elizabeth learns tha...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield's enjoyment of the Winter Carnival, Sweet Valley High's weekend at a ski resort, is threatened by the inconsiderate attitude of her twin sister, Jessica, and by Jessica's interference between Elizabeth and her boyfriend...

  • The last chance... Sally Larson is thrilled when she moves in with her cousin Dana's family. After years of living in foster homes, Sally longs to have a real home, and she's determined to make a good impression. As long as Sally lets Dana control h...

  • On the run... All the kids at Sweet Valley Middle School are talking about the big Johnny Buck concert. For the second year in a row, the twins' parents say they are too young to go. Elizabeth is disappointed, but will do what her parents say. But n...

  • Diamonds are forever... Maria Santelli's engagement to Michael Harris is the talk of Sweet Valley High, but they must keep it a secret from their parents. Years ago, the two families had a huge argument, and Michael and Maria were forbidden to see e...

  • Triple trouble... Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield don't always agree on things -- until Brooke Dennis arrives at Sweet Valley. Both twins agree that she's horrible. She snaps at everyone who tries to be nice to her and she's consta...

  • Mad at the world... Aaron Dallas, the handsome co-captain of the Sweet Valley High soccer team, used to be friendly and likeable. But suddenly he's changed. He explodes whenever the smallest thing goes wrong, and lashes out at everyone, including hi...

  • During a visit to their aunt and uncle in Kansas, Jessica and Elizabeth are puzzled by the hostility of the local girls and upset when their relatives refuse to allow them to date two handsome carnival workers....

  • The final test... Dropout Johanna Porter knows that the students at Sweet Valley High are shocked to see her back in classes. She's never done well in school. Now, with everyone talking about her behind her back, she's finding it practically imposs...

  • Making waves... For once, identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield agree on something! Their friend, Mary Giaccio, spends too much time at their house. Mary is a foster child in the Altman family, but she's acting like part of the Wakefield f...

  • Painful lies... It's every girl's dream at Sweet Valley High to attend the fabulous Bridgewater Ball, and Susan Stewart has the chance to go with handsome, wealthy Gordon Stoddard. Nobody knows where Susan gets her money and style -- or who her real...

  • Good friends and big trouble... Sophia Rizzo is a good writer on the school newspaper, she's nice, and Elizabeth likes her. But all the other kids at Sweet Valley Middle School--including Elizabeth's twin sister, Jessica--make fun of Sophia beca...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield has always dreamed of visiting the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, so she's thrilled when she has a chance to attend an exclusive Swiss boarding school. As much as she loves Sweet Valley, Elizabeth is positive the romantic, sn...

  • Pamela Robinson gains a new understanding of herself and her handicap when she comes to the aid of a friend, Jessica Wakefield, after an ankle injury threatens to put Jessica out of the Sweet Valley Mini-Olympics...

  • A little too personal... Sweet Valley High is in a frenzy when the school newspaper begins to run personal ads. Even Penny Ayala, the shy, serious editor of the paper, decides to place an ad, and a boy named Jamie responds. His letters are witty and ...

  • Breaking promises .. . Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's father teaches them a secret language called Ithig. All their friends want to know the secret too, but the twins have made a pact with their father not to give it away. Elizabeth, at least, ...

  • Headed for trouble... Regina Morrow and Bruce Patman have been going together for months. But when beautiful, devious Amy Sutton is paired up with Bruce on a school project, she schemes to steal him away from Regina. Little by little Bruce's resist...

  • No one to turn to... Ever since Regina Morrow's tragic death at Molly Hecht's party, everyone has been treating Molly as if she has the plague. Nobody at school wants to talk to her, her parents have permanently grounded her, and even her good frie...

  • What's wrong with Mary Robinson? That's what Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield want to know. She has a rich new stepfather who has a fabulous yacht and is going to build them a huge house. So why has Mary been acting so strange? Jessica is confident th...

  • Off-limits... Sandra Bacon has finally found a boy to love. Manuel Lopez is kind, sensitive, and handsome, and he cares about Sandra as much as she cares about him. But there is one problem: Sandy's parents don't approve of Manuel. So the couple mu...

  • Hot pursuit... When twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield land internships at the Sweet Valley News, they think they'll be reporting the news -- but they end up making headlines when Jessica becomes an eyewitness to murder. Then Adam Maitla...

  • When twelve-year-old Jessica Wakefield finally meets the boy of her dreams, sixteen-year-old Josh Angler, she could not be happier--except that Jessica knows her parents would never approve of their dating, and Josh doesn't know her real age...

  • No life of her own ... Enid Rollins can hardly wait for her grandmother to come live with her and her mother. But when she arrives, Enid is dismayed that the kind, sprightly woman she remembered is now burdensome and demanding. Because Enid's ...

  • Playing favorites...

    All the girls in Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's sixth-grade class are about to explode! Mr. Davis, their new teacher, is giving all the good assignments to the boys and treating the girls as if they were less th...

  • Too much mystery ... Cara Walker feels that her boyfriend, Steven Wakefield, isn’t paying enough attention to her. Suddenly he’s acting aloof and withdrawn. Cara’s good friend Jessica, Stevens sister, suggests that Cara add some mystery to the...

  • Newlyweds Jeff and Caitlin find their happiness threatened when Jeff is left paralyzed after a near-fatal accident, and his only hope of recovering lies in the hands of his longtime enemy, Dr. Julian Stokes...

  • A taste of his own medicine... Dennis Cookman is the biggest bully at Sweet Valley Middle School. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, along with the whole sixth grade, are trying to figure out what to do about him. When Dennis smashes Jimmy Underwood's ...

  • Best friends forever...

    It's the Sweet Valley Middle School sixth-grade trip to a fabulous amusement park! Both twins, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, have been waiting for this day for ages. And now that it's here, they're not even t...

  • See no evil... Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are thrilled when their cousin Kelly Bates arrives in Sweet Valley. Kelly's mother is planning to remarry and hopes that living with the Wakefields for a while will prepare Kelly for life with a new ste...

  • A shadowy past . . . After a chilling encounter with murder, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are now ready for a calm summer in Sweet Valley--until Eric Hankman appears. Like Elizabeth, Eric is a quiet, sensitive writer, and the two of them imm...

  • Stuck in the middle... Robin Wilson is having a spectacular year. She's in love with George Warren, she's doing well in school, and she's almost sure to win the upcoming diving championship. Then her rich aunt makes an offer that's incredible--but i...

  • Out in the cold... Elizabeth Wakefield's good friend, Sarah Thomas, is miserable. Her father is spending most of his time with his fiancee, Annie-a woman Sarah doesn't like at all. She thinks Annie is just after her father's money, but doesn't know ...

  • Birds of a feather... Ginny Lu Culpepper had such high hopes for her life in Sweet Valley. But after just one day of being ridiculed by her new classmates, she's beginning to wish she was back home in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. When Elizabeth...

  • Blind love... No one at Sweet Valley High can understand why a shy, sensitive girl like Julie Porter is attracted to someone as conceited as Bruce Patman. But no matter what anyone says. Julie detects a warmth in Bruce's piercing blue eyes that's mea...

  • For its 25th anniversary celebration, Sweet Valley Middle School is burying a time capsule--and a special schoolwide contest will decide what goes inside.  Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are each determined to win.  Jessica is te...

  • Split personality... Jessica Wakefield is head over heels in love with handsome A.J. Morgan. She knows he likes her, but Jessica's convinced he'd really fall in love with her if she were studious and reserved, like her twin, Elizabeth. So Jessica set...

  • Predictions ... Slam books are the newest craze at Sweet Valley High. They're do-it-yourself books of lists and predictions about everyone in school. They start out as fun but soon stir up big trouble. First, Jeffrey French, Elizabeth Wakefield's...

  • Impossible dreams... All Jade Wu wants is to be as all-American as the other girls in Sweet Valley. But her traditional Chinese father won't let her date or do any of the things other teenage girls do, so Jade's sure she'll never fit in. Jade is a t...

  • INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE The Sweet Valley Middle School Choral Group is off to Washington, D.C., to compete in the national choral championship, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friend Anna can’t wait to go. For the twins, it's their first b...

  • Secret lives.... When Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield invite Nicholas Morrow on a picnic to help cure his blues, their plan has unexpected results. Nicholas falls in love with Barbara, a beautiful girl who involves the twins in their most dangerous m...

  • A dangerous game... Ronnie Edwards is having the time of his life. By betting successfully on high school sports, he's made more money than he knows what to do with. He's even offered Jessica Wakefield a loan. Unfortunately, he hasn't been keeping up...

  • MAKING CHANGES... Even though Jessica and Elizabeth don't always see eye to eye, they know their problems aren't half as bad as those of their classmate, Patrick Morris. At least the twins have one big, happy family. Patricks's parents seem to be th...

  • Will Jennifer despise John Pfeifer when she finds out the truth? Elizabeth's friend John is nuts about Jennifer Mitchell, but Jennifer is crazy about Rick Andover, a dropout with a criminal record. Then John sees Rick breaking into a store and turns...

  • Just like everyone else... Quiet, determined Kristin Thompson knows exactly what she wants from life. Since she was little, she has had one goal - to become a world-class tennis player. Now all she has to do is win one more tournament and she'll qu...

  • Love gone wrong... Jessica Wakefield doesn't know how she'll survive a long weekend without her steady boyfriend. A. J. Morgan. But when she meets Christopher, a mysterious, good-looking boy, her lonely weekend turns into one of the most romantic tim...

  • Jessica Wakefield steals a baby-sitting job from her twin sister Elizabeth, leaving Elizabeth the boring job of tending the water-balloon booth at the school fair, but when Jessica's charge proves too rambunctious, she wonders whether Elizabeth will ...

  • Camera shy.... People are always telling Shelley Novak that she has everything going for her. She's one of the best basketball players at Sweet Valley High, and she's as tall and graceful as a model. The problem is, being so tall makes Shelley feel l...

  • The arrival of Arthur Castle, an exchange student from the country of Santa Dora, brings excitement to the Middle School and grief to the twins when he thinks that Elizabeth has betrayed his confidence...

  • Revenge... Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are working as summer interns at The Sweet Valley News when they hear that a patient has escaped from a nearby psychiatric hospital. Assigned to research the man's past for an article, the twins discover th...

  • Shipwrecked... It's a beautiful, sunny day when a group from Sweet Valley High sets sail for a special science field trip. Jessica Wakefield is looking forward to a few hours of sunbathing and flirting while her twin sister, Elizabeth, can't wait ...

  • Girls, boys, and ghosts . . .

    Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield can't believe they're finally at sleep-away camp.  Even though there are no boys, and Elizabeth's friend Grace had to cancel her plans to go at the last mi...

  • Everyone has always made fun of Sandra Ferris. She's gawky and shy, and people whisper about her everywhere she goes. But the Wakefield twins step in and change Sandra's life by giving her a new look -- hair, clothes, make-up, the works!


  • Madly in love... Pretty and talented Olivia Davidson has always seemed independent. So it comes as a total surprise to Elizabeth Wakefield when Olivia confides in her that she's lonely. Everyone she knows is going out with someone, and now she's read...

  • Todd's back ... When Todd Wilkins moved to Vermont, Elizabeth Wakefield's heart was broken. She thought that she would never get over losing him. But after months passed, Elizabeth fell in love again. Now she and Jeffrey French are one of the happ...

  • Reunion ... Todd Wilkins and Elizabeth Wakefield are back together! After living in Vermont for several months, the Wilkins family has returned to Sweet Valley. Now it's just like old times between Elizabeth and Todd -- only better. In fact, they've ...

  • Bitten by the acting bug... Jessica Wakefield's latest dream is to become an actress. So when she discovers that Sweet Valley's own Mrs. Harrington is really Dolores Dufay, star of stage and screen, she can barely contain her excitement. With help ...

  • Wanting desperately to be a rock-and-roll star, the gratingly tone-deaf and talentless Jessica hooks up with four cute boys to form a band, making her sister wish she would become another rock-and-roll casualty...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are the only twins in their second-grade class. They wear matching outfits to school every day and always sit together. But twins don't always like the same things. Elizabeth is excited about taking the class hamste...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield love being identical twins.  They look and dress alike, and they do everything together.

    Now the twins are about to celebrate their seventh birthday, and they are going to plan their own party.  Firs...

  • Sudden tragedy... Terri Adams loves football. In fact, she's one of the Sweet Valley Gladiators' biggest fans. She's also the biggest fan of Ken Matthews, the team's quarterback. Terri thinks Ken has everything going for him -- he's good-looking and ...

  • Seeing ghosts...

    Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are looking forward to the most glorious Christmas ever. The tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped, and movie star Beau Dillon is coming to town! The actor, who'll be in Sweet Valley...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield and her best friend, Amy Sutton, have big plans for the holiday weekend, including a fabulous party, a family barbecue, and the chance to see a dreamy deejay broadcast live from the Sweet Valley Mall.

    But the weeken...

  • Torn in two... Patty Gilbert is elated when she finds out that her boyfriend, Jim Hollis, is coming home from college for a weekend visit. But then she finds out that her older sister, Jana, is coming to visit the same weekend, and she tells Jim s...

  • Competition . . .

    Lila Fowler is the richest girl at Sweet Valley High.  She wears designer clothes, lives in a mansion, and has an allowance at least three times the size of her friends'.  And as an only child, she's always had a...

  • Who's Mr. Marshall?

    Elizabeth and  Jessica Wakefield are identical twins who sit side by  side in their second-grade class. When their teacher  is out with the flu, everyone changes seats, and  the substitute teacher can't figure out ...

  • Secret crush ...

    Elizabeth Wakefield has known Todd Wilkins since kindergarten, but she's never noticed how cute he really is, until she sees him dancing with her sister, Jessica.  Now Elizabeth can't stop thinking about him--and eve...

  • Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield can't wait until Eva, the new girl in their second-grade class, arrives from Jamaica.  When Elizabeth is picked to show Eva around school, the two become friends, and Jessica begins to feel left out.�...

  • Strange things have been happening to Sam Sloane ever since he moved from San Francisco to Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's neighborhood in Sweet Valley. He can't figure out why everything in town looks so familiar--or why he's mysteriously drawn to...

  • Jessica Wakefield has written an aritcle about the Unicorn Club for the class newspaper, The Sweet Valley Sixers. As its editor, her twin sister, Elizabeth, has promised to run the article in the very next issue. But when Elizabeth has to take Jessic...

  • Scheming again... Jessica Wakefield has a fantastic idea! She's bored with all the guys at Sweet Valley High, so a computer dating service seems like the perfect way to spice up her love life -- especially when she invents two new sparkling personali...

  • One afternoon identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are playing outside when they find a cat that has no home. Cats aren't allowed inside the Wakefield house because Mr. Wakefield and Steven have allergies. But more than anything the twins ...

  • Elizabeth’s ready for a change! Elizabeth is tired of people saying she is the steady one, the dependable one. When Jessica teases Elizabeth about never taking risks, Elizabeth is so fed up that she secretly takes up surfing to prove that she can ...

  • Steven Wakefield is both stunned and elated when he meets Andrea, a girl who looks, sounds, and behaves just like Tricia Martin, his first love. Tricia died just after she and Steven fell in love, but now he can almost believe she has come back to hi...

  • Sent on an errand to deliver an envelope of money for a charity down the street, easily-distracted Jessica misplaces the money, and she and her sister must find it before their father discovers it is missing...

  • When author Angela Daley comes to town, the Wakefield twins both enter a story contest to vie for the opportunity to help Angela autograph her books, but Jessica cheats and turns in a story that is not hers...

  • Is the Wakefield family coming apart? There's trouble brewing in the normally happy Wakefield household. Ned Wakefield has been asked to run for mayor of Sweet Valley, and Alice, his wife, doesn't like the idea. Tension mounts, and Jessica, Elizabet...

  • A Grand Prize... The license plates on Bruce Patman's Porsche read 1BRUCE1, and that's exactly how he thinks of himself -- as Number One. Handsome and arrogant, Bruce is used to getting everything he wants. Bruce's cousin Roger, who lives with the P...

  • Sacrifices... Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's parents have separated. Mr. Wakefield has moved into an apartment of his own, and the house seems empty without him. Elizabeth has never been so miserable. She would do anything to bring her family toge...

  • While writing a story for the school newspaper about Danny, a star runner and major troublemaker, Elizabeth discovers the real reason why he has been getting into trouble, and sets out to help him without betraying his secret...

  • Do opposites attract? Dana Larsson is fed up with love! She tells Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins that she prefers singing with her band, The Droids, to wasting her time on dates. Aaron Dallas is fed up, too. He insists that soccer is more imp...

  • The battle is on! Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's father is running for mayor of Sweet Valley. The twins are hard at work on his campaign -- but they're taking opposite sides in an even bigger contest: a contest to bring romance into their parents...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their brother, Steven, are visiting Wild West Town with Grandma and Grandpa Wakefield.  It's the best trip they've ever taken.  First they change into Western costumes to get into the spirit of the old days. �...

  • Betrayed ... Andy Jenkins and Neil Freemount have been best friends for years. They hang out together, double-date, and help each other math their homework. But bully Charlie Cashman sets out to make life miserable for Andy, just because Andy...

  • BOO!

    It's almost Halloween, and identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have two great costumes to choose from: a witch outfit and a princess dress. Both girls want to be the princess. This becomes a problem. And the result is ...

  • Against their better judgment ...

    Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield can't wait until Saturday night.  Their friend Aaron Dallas is throwing "the party of the year" at a new teen club called The Hangout.  Everyone from the sixth grade...

  • Ken Matthews has regained his sight, only to face another battle. Now that he's recovered, everyone assumes that Ken is sure to win back his old position as quarterback for the Gladiators. But Sweet Valley High is stunned when Ken's toughest competit...

  • A traveling carnival is on its way to Sweet valley, and Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield can't wait to ride the roller coaster, have their fortunes told, and try their luck at the games. But when they get there some odd things happen to the twins. A f...

  • Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are members of a mystery-solving group called the Snoopers Club and Jessica has found their first case. She thinks Mr. Kringle, the new custodian at school, looks just like Santa Claus. She sees him che...

  • Just like sisters...

    Elizabeth Wakefield is shocked and upset when she hears that her best friend, Amy Sutton's, house has burned down. But she's happy to learn that Amy will be staying with the Wakefields while Amy's parents look for ...

  • Heading for danger... People who meet pretty, quiet Enid Rollins find it hard to believe that she ever ran with a wild crowd. She's popular, a straight-A student, and is best friends with Elizabeth Wakefield. Finally, Enid seems to have her life tog...

  • Babies Are So Cute !

    Jessica Wakefield loves her neighbors' new baby girl.  She and her twin sister, Elizabeth, think it would be wonderful to have a little sister of their own.  And when Mrs. Wakefield begins to buy baby clothes a...

  • The spotlight is on Jessica �" or is it? Choose Me! When TV talk-show host Eric Parker comes to Sweet Valley and announces a contest to find the perfect American teen, Jessica Wakefield vows to win the coveted spot as Eric's special TV guest. She...

  • Who's the new girl at Sweet Valley High? Looks can be deceiving………… Jessica can’t believe it! Her idol, rock star Jamie Peters, has moved to Sweet Valley. If only she could meet him, her career as a 'star' would really take off! Peek...

  • When Elizabeth Wakefield receives a camera as a memento of her friend Regina Morrow, who died recently, she never expects it to plunge her into a dangerous mystery. Then she takes a picture of three suspicious-looking men. One of them tries to grab h...

  • Soaring when cute Aaron Dallas asks her out, Jessica is brought to earth when she learns that she has to wear glasses, and it will take the intervention of her clever sister to get her to ever go out again...

  • A model family ...

    Jessica Wakefield is sick and tired of spoiled Lila Fowler's constant bragging.  So when she reads about the Model Family contest being sponsored by Teenager Magazine, she's tempted to enter just to put Lila in her...

  • Stung when her collegiate boyfriend pays less attention to her and more to the beautiful Vicky, Robin Wilson is convinced that dieting is the answer, a plan that has Elizabeth Wakefield thinking anorexia...

  • Boy-crazy Amy Sutton has finally found the guy of her dreams-tennis star Tom McKay. But Tom's not at all interested in dating her. Amy just can't believe it and refuses to give up! Tom asks his friend Barry Rork to help him convince Amy that...

  • Caroline Pearce is always bragging about her collection of porcelain dolls, but no one has ever seen them. Some of her friends, especially Jessica Wakefield, wonder if Caroline really has dolls at all.

    When Caroline opens her case to t...

  • Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth are excited about their class trip to the zoo. They can't wait to see all the animals, especially the monkeys, but when they get there the monkey house has been closed because a young chimp has escaped. The twins...

  • Mandy Miller wants to join the Unicorns, but the Unicorns don't want Mandy Miller! She wears wild thrift-shop outfits, and the other members think she tries too hard to fit in. Jessica thinks she's funny and nice, and she likes her offbeat way of dre...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's teacher is getting married and the whole class is invited to the wedding. The twins set up a lemonade stall to buy the perfect present - but Jessica spends all the money! Will they be able to replace the money in tim...

  • A dangerous game… When track star Tony Esteban tears a tendon in his knee, it looks like he’s lost his chance of being an Olympic star. But Tony refuses to give up. Against his doctor’s advice, he trains harder and harder. Not even his girlfri...

  • Sister vs. sister... When the first annual Miss Teen Sweet Valley beauty pageant is announced, Jessica Wakefield is confident she'll be crowned the winner. But Elizabeth Wakefield is trying her best to get the pageant canceled. Elizabeth thinks bea...

  • Baby-sitting blues . . .

    Since they were seven, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield have wanted a little sister.  Now that they're twelve, the twins know they're responsible enough to help out with a new baby, and they're determined to p...

  • Jessica Wakefield can't understand why her twin sister, Elizabeth, is so friendly with Lois Waller. Lois is afraid of everybody and cries all the time, but Elizabeth thinks she's nice and wants to be her friend. She teaches Lois how to ride a bicycle...

  • Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield need to have their tonsils taken out.  They've never stayed overnight in a hospital before, and they're not sure what their operation will be like.

    When they get to the hospital, Jessic...

  • Follow the riveting stories of the women who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Alice Larson, a bold sixteen-year-old from Sweden, arrives alone in America to start a new life -- but with a broken heart. Headstrong frontier tomb...

  • Jessica and the other boosters--Sweet Valley Middle School's cheerleading squad--vow they will not allow Winston Egbert to join the squad, despite the fact that he is a fantastic gymnast who makes up terrific cheers...

  • Looks can be deceiving ... It's no secret that pretty, popular Sara Eastborne has a twin brother named Tim. Sara had told her friends at Sweet Valley High that Tim chose to live with their father on the East Coast when their parents were divorced...

  • Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield can't wait for their cousin Kelly Bates to visit. They're going to have a triple-good time, because Kelly looks enough like them to be their sister.

    When Kelly arrives a few days before T...

  • Worried about her boyfriend Michael's obsession with beating his former friend, Artie Western, in the upcoming dirt bike race, April Dawson tries to find out what it was in the past that tore the two friends, Michael and Artie, apart...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are ready for spine-tingling chills when they go to Lila Fowler's big Halloween party at Hathway Manor. When they arrive, skeletons pop out of trapdoors, witches cackle over their bubbling brew, and candy eyeballs are ...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends in the Snoopers Club have uncovered their most difficult case yet! The bell that helps Santa's reindeer fly has fallen off the sleigh: If the Snoopers don't find it, Santa won't be able to deliver any...

  • An all-new mom...

    Brooke Dennis's dream has come true.  Her mother, who has been living in Paris, is moving back to Sweet Valley.  When she retums, Brooke's mother has a new family-and a new career.  It turns out that she is Coc...

  • A Big Decision

    Elizabeth Wakefield can't wait for her family's first ski vacation, especially since her friend Todd Wilkins is going too.  But when they arrive at the ski resort Todd makes friends with a boy named Mark.  Soon the ...

  • Follow your heart ...  

    Olivia Davidson's offbeat style sets her  apart from the other students at Sweet Valley High.  And until now, her mother has always encouraged  Olivia in her artistic pursuits. But ever since  Olivia s...

  • Family secrets. Rosa Jameson, daughter of immigrant parents, decides to start a new life at Sweet Valley High as Rose. When Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler ask her to pledge their exclusive sorority, Pi Beta Alpha, Rose believes her scheme is wor...

  • The power of persuasion... Jessica Wakefield's parents have grounded her, she's angry at her boyfriend, Sam, and her friends don't care what happens to her. Then, just when she's at her lowest, Jessica meets a magnetic stranger. Adam Marvel is th...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth's older brother Stephen is heartbroken when he learns that the girl of his dreams loves his best friend, so the concerned twins decide to fix their brother up with cute Cathy Connors. Original....

  • Flower Feud

    Jessica Wakefield and her friends Lila and Ellen have formed a club called the Orchids.  Jessica wants her twin sister, Elizabeth, to join, but Elizabeth thinks the Orchids are too snobby.  She starts her own club call...

  • When Cara Walker announces that she and her mother are moving to London, no one is more shocked than Steven Wakefield. After losing his first love, Tricia Martin, to leukemia, Steven can't bear the thought of losing another girlfriend. Jessica Wa...

  • Dr. Mean

    Elizabeth Wakefield can't wait for the next class trip.  She's going to get to see a taping of her favorite TV show, Dr Snapturtle's Animal Hour.  The trip is a lot of fun until Elizabeth overhears Dr. Snapturtle yelling ...

  • Will lies destroy Elizabeth's life? Todd Wilkins has decided that he and Elizabeth Wakefield should start dating other people. At her twin sister Jessica's urging, Elizabeth accepts a date with handsome Kris Lynch, a cartoonist for The Oracle. After...

  • Andy Franklin has heard that UFOs have been seen at Secca Lake, and he thinks it might be true. His classmates don't believe in UFOs, and they won't stop teasing him. But when Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield follow Andy into the woods during a school...

  • During a field trip to a pioneer farm, which closely reproduces life on a farm hundreds of years ago, the boys and girls discover that life without hair dryers, television, and junk food may prove difficult. Reprint....

  • Friends in need.... Elizabeth Wakefield's friend Melissa McCormick needs help. Her mother died suddenly, leaving Melissa and her brother, Andy, alone. Their father left years ago, so they have only each other to depend on. If the social workers f...

  • When Jessica and Elizabeth win roles in Jessica's favorite soap, which had been looking for a set of beautiful blonde twins for a special week-long storyline, Jessica becomes carried away with the publicity. Original....

  • Culture clash... Jessica Wakefield and her twin sister, Elizabeth, are looking forward to having an exchange student named Giovanna come live with them for three weeks. Jessica can't wait to show the Italian country girl all the great things ab...

  • When the Wakefield kids are invited to their aunt  Helen's country inn, Steven and Jessica are  determined to use the eerie old mansion to scare their  sister, Elizabeth, into believing in ghosts. But no  matter what Steve and Jessica do, log...

  • Will Jessica put herself in danger to spite Bruce? When Bruce Patman complains that things at Sweet Valley High have gotten too boring, Jessica Wakefield agrees. Then Bruce starts a secret club to liven things up. Soon Club X has Sweet Valley High...

  • Grand Canyon Adventure  

    Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth  Wakefield are off on a family trip to the Grand Canyon.  They have lots of fun until they find an  unexpected canyon treasure a diamond ring. For once the  twins...

  • Follow the compelling stories of the women and men who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Frontiersman Theodore Wakefield thought he'd lost his heart forever; will Dancing Wind make him love again? Turn -of-the-century beauty Sarah Wa...

  • Jessica Wakefield is humiliated when she finds  out she's been accepted into a special program  called SOAR!, for gifted math and science students.  Along with her twin sister, Elizabeth, Jessica must  go to special science classes every day ...

  • Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are looking forward to having weekend guests.  But when Eric and Wesley Nelson arrive, their practical jokes soon begin to drive the twins crazy.  The boys start off by hiding Jessica's favorite stu...

  • Jessica Wakefield is thrilled when she wins the second grade spelling bee at Sweet Valley Elementary School. But that means she has to represent the whole school at the district spelling bee, and she's scared. She's never been a good speller - was it...

  • Shy Ginny Belasca has always preferred being in the shadow of her best friend Denise Hadley, a beautiful and popular junior at Sweet Valley High. After being coaxed into working as a teen counselor on a local youth hotline, she strikes up a friendshi...

  • Mortal enemies Sarah Thomas and Sophia Rizzo are horrified when their constant bickering leads to a love-at-first-sight meeting in the principal's office between Sarah's father and Sophia' mother. Original....

  • An enemy from Todd's past . . . When Todd Wilkins and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Wakefield, land jobs as counselors at Secca Lake Day Camp, the summer is off to a great start -- until Todd runs into a counselor named Kevin Holmes. Everyone else thi...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield is scared!  Halloween is only a few days away, and Elizabeth suspects that Caroline Pearce may be a witch-a bad witch. When Caroline catches Elizabeth spying on her, Elizabeth really starts to worry.  Is Caroline truly a witch...

  • There's a new boy in school named Kisho Murasaki. At first Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and all their friends like Kisho a lot. But then everyone finds out that Kisho has been left back a year. Suddenly nobody wants to be his friend anymore becaus...

  • Jessica is broke! She needs money to buy a birthday present for Sam, to buy new clothes, to redecorate her room, to. She thought of a "get rich quick" scheme: a letter writing service for people who don't want to write their own. Elizabeth agrees t...

  • The Wakefield twins invite their friends Lila, Amy, Eva and Ellen to a slumber party when they'll all stay up late, play games and eat pizzas. Lila and Amy bring identical toy unicorns, and when one gets lost in a wild pillow-fight, everyone starts a...

  • Playing detective...  

    When a charm school opens in Sweet Valley,  Jessica Wakefield can't wait to attend. What could be  better than taking classes to learn about clothes,  makeup, and going parties? Jessica's twin sister,  ...

  • Has desperation turned Elizabeth into a cheat? When Elizabeth Wakefield has a chance to edit The Oracle, Sweet Valley High's newspaper, she's thrilled! Then a flu epidemic hits her staff, and Elizabeth is left with more than she can handle. Olivia ...

  • When Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's grandparents give them a pair of matching antique dolls for Christmas, they're a little surprised. Their grandparents should know they're too old to play with dolls! Then the twins learn that the dolls are a fam...

  • To tell the truth. . . John Pfeifer, handsome sports editor for The Oracle, is suddenly showing a lot of interest in popular Sweet Valley High junior Lila Fowler. Lila's never dated a guy like John before -- serious, intense, and super smart -- and...

  • When Elizabeth Wakefield breaks her arm, she  starts getting a lot of attention. This makes her twin  sister, Jessica, so angry that she votes against  Elizabeth in an important class election. Now  Elizabeth is upset. Is this the beginning o...

  • Eavesdroppers beware! Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are looking forward to another summer as interns at the Sweet Valley News. Elizabeth can't wait to get to work as a reporter; Jessica can't wait to spend time with the gorgeous new editor. Jess...

  • Scared and alone...

    Patty Gilbert has dreamed of being a ballerina since she was a little girl. Following her dream has meant making sacrifices, and one thing Patty has never had time for is friends. But when she beat...

  • After Elizabeth Wakefield buys a video game called Goin' Wild, her whole personality seems to change.  She starts failing behind on her homework, and she practically ignores her twin sister, Jessica. All Elizabeth cares about is getting the highest...

  • Everyone is excited about the arrival of Elizabeth's long-time pen pal, Prince Arthur of Santa Dora, in Sweet Valley--everyone, that is, except for Dana Larson, a teen who feels that the place for royalty is in the history books. Original....

  • Is there a thief at Sweet Valley Middle School?  Things have started disappearing, and the whole school is searching for the culprit.  But everyone is shocked when some of the stolen goods turn up in Jessica Wakefield's locker!


  • Shakespearean tragedy! Jessica Wakefield has landed the starring role in Sweet Valley High's production of Macbeth, and suddenly she's too busy for anyone except Paula Perrine, a timid new transfer student who idolizes her. At first Paula spends al...

  • Will Cheryl fit in at Sweet Valley High? Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have a new neighbor--their friend and sorority sister Annie Whitman. Annie's mother is getting married to a famous African-American photographer from New York City, and the ne...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are happy to help when they hear about the plan to clean up an empty area of ground in the city, and turn it into a public garden. Then they learn that a rich businessman wants to build garages there, and the twins try...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield go into action to help their friends, Ellen Riteman and her brother, adjust after Mrs. Riteman decides to go back to work, leaving her children to become latchkey kids. Original....

  • Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have become good friends with Eva Simpson since she moved to Sweet Valley. But now it looks as if Eva might have to leave! Eva's father misses his old home, Jamaica, and wants to move back there. Can Ev...

  • Married, with children ... As part of a health-class project, all the students at Sweet Valley Middle School are pairing up into simulated marriages. Their assignment is to manage a make-believe household and care for an egg that represents a bab...

  • From the minute she arrives at Sweet Valley Middle School, everybody loves Anna Reynolds. She's outgoing and funny--and almost as boy-crazy as the Unicorns! All of Anna's new friends are especially impressed that she can handle the pressures of schoo...

  • Love or friendship? Annie Whitman's new stepsister, Cheryl, is finally having fun in Sweet Valley, thanks to the friendship of her neighbor Steven Wakefield. Soon everyone--even Steven's twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth--assumes that Steven and...

  • After tonight, nothing will ever be the same in Sweet Valley . . . Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have worked together to create the most perfect prom Sweet Valley has ever seen--but when a jealous conflict turns deadly, the twins...

  • Extrasensory perception . . .

    Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are so different, it's sometimes hard to believe they're twin until the day they discover that they can read each other's minds!  When their friends hear about the twins'...

  • Jessica goes green... Soccer fever has hit Sweet Valley Middle School! Everyone is excited about the upcoming season, including identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. But Jessica's happiness quickly fades when she learns that the scho...

  • Big Trouble

    Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are nervous about visiting their mother's friend Mrs. Taylor. The old lady is strict, but the girls love the beautiful furniture and decorations in her house. When they find a lovely silver ...

  • Could the twins be split forever? A terrible accident has changed the Wakefields' lives forever. Will Jessica Wakefield ever come to terms with the tragedy? Bruce Patrnan has finally opened his heart to Pamela--but will he be able to ignore the...

  • Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield can't wait for their cousin Robin to come for a visit. But when Robin arrives, both twins like her so much that they don't want to share her--even with each other. Soon they're fighting for Robin's atte...

  • Will Elizabeth ever regain her self-respect? Elizabeth Wakefield has been arrested -- and her twin, Jessica, has finally stolen Elizabeth's boyfriend, Todd. The twins have drifted further apart than ever before -- is there any hope of reunion now? ...

  • Frightening dreams about a monster are keeping Jessica awake all night.  The kids at school tease her when they hear she's having bad dreams, and that just makes her nightmares worse!  How can Jessica get rid of the monster in her dreams so she c...

  • A magical solution  . . .

    Peter Bums has a huge crush on Mary Wallace.  But Mary doesn't think Peter is the boy for her--and Mary's friends in the Unicorn Club are certain that Peter is the wrong kind of boyfriend for a Unicorn! ...

  • Innocent until proven guilty . . . The verdict isn't in yet on Elizabeth Wakefield. But her twin sister, Jessica, has already convicted her and won't even talk to Elizabeth. Now that Jessica has Todd, will life ever be the same for Elizabeth? P...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are about to begin the most exciting year of their lives....

    Jessica has everything she's dreamed of: freedom, independence, and all the guys on campus-except the one she wants.

    Elizabeth ...

  • The Halloween Goblin

    Stories about a goblin who haunts the local amusement park don't scare Jessica Wakefield! She can't wait to go. It will sure prove to Charlie Cashman that she's no chicken. Will the goblin get Jessica? Or will she...

  • Lila's in way over her head...

    The Unicorns are making a music video! Lila Fowler insists on being the singer, since it's her video camera. There's one catch: Lila has a terrible voice, and she'll be humiliated if anyone finds out.

  • Elizabeth Wakefield and her friends are walking on the beach one stormy afternoon when they witness a terrible surfing accident. Denny Jacobson is drowning! Elizabeth dives into the water and saves him.

    Now Elizabeth is a hero. Her pic...

  • Freedom can be dangerous. . . . Jessica Wakefield finally has wealthy, thrilling Mike McAllery, the man of her dreams. How far will she go to keep him? Elizabeth Wakefield has uncovered a major scandal at SVU. But when the story spreads, it may...

  • Can romance save Sweet Valley? Lila Fowler finally has the family that she always wanted: a father and a mother who love her. And she can tell that despite their years apart, her parents still love each other. Now all Lila wants is to get them bac...

  • Margo makes her move... Margo is making herself right at home in Sweet Valley, setting her evil scheme in motion. She's gotten a job at the day-care center, and is busy perfecting her imitation of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. S...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends in the Snoopers Club are on the trail of a diamond thief. They saw him in the mall jewelry store just before the precious gems were stolen. With the Snoopers' help, store guards catch the thief, but h...

  • When the entire school thinks she has stolen the money raised for the Christmas party--money she has secretly given to a homeless family--Elizabeth wishes she has never been born, and a friendly Christmas angel gives her wish. Original....

  • Family Pride

    When Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield spend Thanksgiving weekend on a Mohave reservation, they discover that not all Native Americans wear headdresses, sleep in tepees, and do rain dances. Water Lily, or Ann, as she likes ...

  • Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's parents want them to help them serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter for the homeless, but their friend Suzie Nichols tells them it's a horrible place. How does Suzie know so much about the shelter? Is there somethi...

  • Jessica Wakefield and her best friend, Lila Fowler, are at war! The battlefield is the white sandy beach of Club paradise, a fabulous island resort owned by Lila's uncle. Jessica's dreams of lounging by the pool and dancing the night away are shatter...

  • Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are taking piano lessons. Jessica loves them. Elizabeth hates them. They can't stop fighting about it. Elizabeth is doubly mad because Jessica bullied her into taking the lessons. Now the twins are supp...

  • Will Margo win the final battle? Margo's monstrous plan is complete. She came to Sweet Valley to find a new life, and discovered identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their perfect family. If only Margo can get rid of one of them, sh...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield has a confession to make. She's met a guy--an intelligent, caring, and unbelievably handsome guy. But it's not Todd Wilkins, her longtime boyfriend, whom she loves more than anybody. It's Sam. Elizabeth wouldn't even need to chang...

  • Is Mrs. Otis leaving the second grade--and being replaced by a student teacher? Not if Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have their way. They plan to have everyone in class make life miserable for Ms. Kovac so she won't want the job. And the plan works...

  • Three weeks before her planned wedding, reporter Anna Green meets New York newpaper editor Nick Devlin, and their wild, passionate love affair steamrolls over everything in its path--including their own common sense. Originally published as If Wi...

  • Trouble in paradise... Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins are living together! Their parents are away, so Todd has set up house at the Wakefields'. he wants to create the perfect love nest, but Elizabeth has more important things on her mind. N...

  • Elizabeth Wakefield catches Todd Wilkins cheating on a test!  She promises not to tell if he doesn't do it again.  But Todd can't help himself.  Cheating seems much easier than studying.  Then Mrs. Otis finds out what Todd is doing.  Did El...

  • The planets are lined up against Jessica. . . . Bruce Patman's parents are getting divorced, and Elizabeth Wakefield has promised Bruce that her twin sister, Jessica, an expert in matters of the heart, will help get the Patmans back together. But j...

  • There's only one way out....

    Todd Wilkins is a great basketball player. His dad thinks nothing is more important. But when Todd joins a creative-writing class taught by an exciting new teacher named Mark Ramirez, Todd...

  • Love is costly, hazing is hell, and revenge is sweet. . . . Jessica Wakefield has proved she's an adult once and for all: she's moved in with her boyfriend, Mike McAllery. But how will she keep it a secret from her family? E1izabeth Wakefield a...

  • Lila Fowler invites the entire second-grade class to her April Fools' Day party, but when she tells them it is all a joke, the Wakefield twins and their friends play a little prank on Miss Lila. Original....

  • Murder most foul… Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are looking for trouble. Working as summer interns assigned the Scotland Yard beat for the London Journal, they’re bored with all the petty cases they’ve been given. When a series of grisly mur...

  • After reading a book about voodoo practices in old New Orleans, Jessica Wakefield decides to try a little voodoo experiment on her brother, Steven, but the plan backfires when he turns into a zombie. Original....

  • The mistake of a lifetime .. . Jessica Wakefield thought living with Mike McAllery would make things perfect between them--but now he doesn't even come home at night. What will she do to make sure he's really hers? Elizabeth Wakefield is torn b...

  • Beauty and the beast in London... Is Jessica Wakefield in love with a werewolf? Her identical twin, Elizabeth, can't shake the feeling that Jessica's new boyfriend, Lord Robert Pembroke, is not what he seems. Could he be the vicious killer the twin...

  • Bored with Aaron Dallas, Jessica is excited by the new personals column in the school newspaper, where she soon meets a new correspondent who seems to have a great deal in common with her, but their eventual meeting proves a great surprise. Original....

  • Jessica's claim to have seen a mermaid during a class trip to an ocean preserve may lure her to her social death with her disbelieving friends, and the osprey-eyed girl must find the mermaid in order to convince her friends of her tale. Original....

  • While taking a scuba-diving course, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield stumble upon the wreck of an old pirate ship and half of a golden heart, but their delight soon turns to terror when they begin to receive ominous chain letters. Original....

  • Jessica Wakefield and her twin sister, Elizabeth, have persuaded their parents to get three-way calling for their phone.  Jessica is psyched--more gossiping, more matchmaking, more fun!  There's just one problem.  Jessica didn't read the direct...

  • When Jessica Wakefield meets Jeremy Randall on the beach, she can't believe her eyes. He's everything she's always dreamed of and more. It's love at first sight for him, too, and they share an intimate kiss. Then Jeremy says he can't see her again, a...

  • Working at the day-care center to buy a new hair piece for their principal and thus save the club, the Unicorns almost give up when the roof of the center collapses, until Maria is offered a movie role that will pay for the hair and the center. Origi...

  • No turning back . . . Jessica Wakefield is now Mrs. Michael McAllery. But her husband still hasn't changed his troubling ways. Everyone warned her he was bad news. Whom can she turn to now? Elizabeth Wakefield is determined to find the leader o...

  • We'd finally made it to seventh grade, and it looked like the Unicorn Club was history.  The trouble began when Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler started a dare war to decide who would be the next president.  Jessica got caught for stealing the p...

  • Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield get free sundaes from Casey's Ice Cream Parlor--just for being twins. Their bother, Steven, is jealous. He wants a free sundae, too. So Steven makes up his own twin and fools everyone at Casey's. Now he has to fool his...

  • When Jessica Wakefield wakes up in the middle of the night, her whole room is shaking. The next day at school, she's a celebrity - the only person who witnessed Sweet Valley's own earthquake. The more people she tells, the bigger and more dramatic th...

  • Unable to break his engagement to Sue when her father is killed in a plane crash, Jeremy proceeds with their wedding even though he has fallen in love with bridesmaid Jessica, until the heartbroken twin interrupts the ceremony. Original....

  • While experimenting with Maria's new video camera at the Valley Mall, she and Elizabeth tape a jewelry store robbery, and when Maria's entire video collection is stolen, Elizabeth thinks she's found the key to the mystery. Original....

  • The competition between the Unicorns and the Eight Times Eight Club goes nationwide when the groups take their rivalry from Sweet Valley Middle School to the Best Friends television game show. Original....

  • Everyone in the second grade always teases Lois Waller for acting like a baby. And now Lois really feels like a baby. Ever since her grandmother died, Lois' mother has treated her that way. Mrs. Waller barely lets Lois out of her sight. Then Jessica ...

  • Love, loss, and another chance at freedom... Todd Wilkins begs Elizabeth Wakefield to come back to him. But Todd's not the one she wants. At last she's found the man of her dreams, and she's determined to have him. Mike McAllery is fighting for...

  • When his sister, Jessica, falls for Ben Oliver, who usurped his starting position on the Junior Varsity basketball team and walloped him in the election for class treasurer, Steven Wakefield devises a blueprint for revenge. Original....

  • Jessica... the untold story Dear Diary, I'm leaving home. I can't stand it anymore. Elizabeth stole the man I love. I've lost everything to her. I hate being a twin. I hate always being compared to perfect Elizabeth. Only you know, Diary, jus...

  • Julie Porter can't wait to start karate lessons in gym class even though Charlie Cashman and the other boys say she's too small to be any good. But Julie carefully watches the teacher, Mr. Ogata, and works hard at mastering each karate move. That doe...

  • Anticipating the Halloween arrival of The Magnificent Magico, a famous puppeteer, Jessica and Elizabeth befriend his daughter, Sam, and learn that the magician plans to leave her behind in Sweet Valley while he tours the country. Original....

  • Learning that she has a half-sister from her father's previous marriage, Amy Sutton is excited when Ashley comes to Sweet Valley to spend Thanksgiving and worries about how she and a new sibling will get along. Original....

  • Are wedding bells ringing for Jessica? Jessica Wakefield is engaged! Now that she's put a stop to the wedding between Sue Gibbons and Jeremy Randall, Jessica has the love of her life all to herself. Or so she thinks. But when she catches Jeremy in ...

  • A new beginning . . . Jessica Wakefield's disastrous marriage has dissolved, leaving her free at last. Can she put her heart back together and be a regular college student again? Elizabeth Wakefield is madly, passionately in love with Tom Watts...

  • Haunted . . . or tricked? The Unicorn Club is throwing the best Halloween party Sweet Valley Middle School has ever seen! Lila Fowler's dad has lent the girls a run-down shack in the woods -- a perfectly spooky place for the party. But as the U...

  • Ellie McMillan, a little girl from the day-care center where the Unicorn Club volunteers, has run away from home--to my house!  I know, you're thinking Lila Fowler and kids go together like grape juice and white carpet, but--believe it or not--I ac...

  • Hoping to make the elementary school's float the best in the Thanksgiving parade, Jessica plans to get a local child star's participation, and wonders how to get through the girl's many fans in order to ask. Original....